Emojis are taking over the world


The heart emoji was the top word of 2014, and it's the first time a pictograph has won the Word of the Year honours.

The list was compiled by the 15th annual survey of the English language by the Global Language Monitor which analyses the internet, social media including Twitter and print and electronic news media.

There are currently 722 characters in the emoji universe, and there's another 250 coming in 2015, and 37 more due for approval this next year. Social media is the thing that is accelerating the modern argot, with hashtag, photobomb, bae, “bash” tag, and clickbait all making advances up the Word of the Year chart.

It's all a bit of a development, as in 2000, the top words was 'chad', the top phrase was 'dot.com' and top name was 'Dubya' for that blessed nincompoop, President Bush.

According to GLM’s president Paul Payack: “The English Language is now undergoing a remarkable transformation unlike any in its 1400 year history - its system of writing, the alphabet, is gaining characters at amazing rate. These character are ideographs or pictographs that are called emoji and emoticons."

“There are about a thousand emoji characters now officially recognised by Unicode Consortium, the official keepers of coding that forms the basis of the internet. They regularly review new suggestions with the next 37 or so being finalised for June 2015."

“Then the new emoji can be embedded in any number of devices for any number of languages. The AlphaBIT now includes letters, numbers, the diacritical marks that compose emoticons, as well as clever electronic solutions that provide real-time access to more than hundreds of emoji.”

We welcome our emoji overlords.

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    We are slowly returning to hieroglyphics.

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