EE will let you jump the queue for cash

EE_4G_cities EE has introduced a queue-jumping service, which allows people phoning them up to join a "priority" queue for 50p.

As you can imagine, there's a lot of people moaning about it.

When you phone EE's customer service line, an automated message offers callers the chance to jump the queue into a "priority" queue. Customers already have to pay to call the provider at certain times of the day, so some think it's a bit rich they should be asked for more.

Most of the outrage is on social media, with one disgruntled customer spouting off: "As an already paying @EE customer, why should I have to wait longer for help because someone else with no patience can pay [to] jump the queue?"

Another spat: "I have been a customer of [T-Mobile and] @EE for 10 years now. The call jump system they want to introduce is disgusting. I'll be off to O2 then."

Talking to the Inquirer, an EE spokesperson said: "EE's goal is to set the highest standard for customer service in the telecoms sector. To support that ambition we're investing significantly in our retail stores, contact centres and account management websites and apps."

"We've already committed to returning over 1,000 roles to the UK from overseas call centres, and have already opened two new UK centres. To contribute to this and other investments in service we have introduced some small charges for certain customer services."

What do you think? Should EE up their game so they don't need a priority queue, or is this quite handy as it's only 50p?


  • Alexis
    Seems like shooting themselves in the foot. It's just an admission that they provide poor customer telephone support as standard.
  • Aelynn
    Not only that, but they don't actually say you'll be dealt with any faster, just that they're moving you to a "Priority Queue. Seems to me like it'll be as useful as the "Priority Boarding" sucker upgrade for people who have more money than sense. When everybody pays for it, you don't actually get any advantage.
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Another money making scam
  • Ian
    This from a company still using 0844 numbers for their customer service lines despite the ban imposed since 13 June 2014 by Regulation 41 of the Consumer Contract Regulations...
  • Bogbrush
    I didn't bother and got connected straight away. don't fall for it kids!
  • TheLordGodJesus
    I don't get this... or companies that charge to call them. If you are calling there customer service 90% of the time, it's because they screwed up on something. Why should you have to pay an extra 50p to not have to wait ages, for them to correct there error, they should be paying you for calling, since they messed up!

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