EE recall up to 500,000 Power Bars

powerbar We told you about an EE Power Bar exploding - well, there's a big recall on them, with the company asking customers to immediately return the device to stores, looking for a serial number of E1-06.

EE are recalling up to 500,000 Power Bars among safety concerns, brought about by overheating. To find the model number, you should look down the side of the Power Bar

You should immediately return those with the model number ‘E1-06′ to your nearest store and EE have sent texts to all customers that have bought a Power Bar, informing them of this recall. It will also have more information and a website link, where you'll find everything you need to know.

You can check out more by visiting the EE recall website, here. Obviously, you should stop using the gadget immediately.

EE said in a statement: "We have identified a very small number of incidents where Power Bars have overheated, all of which relate to batch E1-06 (written as Model:E1-06 on side), and could pose a fire safety risk."

"We are therefore recalling this batch, and requesting customers to stop using the Power Bar and return them to a local store at their earliest convenience. No other Power Bars are affected by this recall. It is our intention to replace these chargers once we have completed our investigations; we will be in touch once these have been concluded."

You can find out more about all product recalls, here.


  • kyle l.
    recently purchaseed a power bar E1 06, will return to my local store in Glenrothes . ASAP
  • Kirsty
    How do I get this xx
  • HAHA
    jeez kirsty, do you have to sign everything off with a kiss? fucking inappropriate here ffs
  • lorraine t.
    I got a power bar view weeks ago took it on holiday couldn't use it because it was over heating but mines is a E1-03 can I still take thi back to the EE. Shop
  • CapitalistBitchBoy
    I'll give it to you Kirsty
  • mel
    Jeez x whats wrong with kisses xx on everything xx i put them o the end of everything xx ha ha xx
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    mel, wanna put a kiss on my thing? ;)
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    hands up who wants a threesome with kirsty and mel?
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