EE knocks out Apple Continuity

Remember us telling you about EE's WiFi calling thing? Well, Apple won the race to introduce it to their service with the iOS 8.3 update (the one that gave you all those lovely new emoji to play with).

Well, between the two of these things, there's a slight problem.

You see, if you enable EE's new WiFi caller app, it'll knock out iOS 8's Continuity feature, which means you won't be able to answer calls on other non-cellular Apple devices.


Gizmodo alerted EE to this, to see if they'd made a boob, but alas, they haven't. They were told that this is no error, but rather, all thanks to the way Apple have configured the service. Basically, by turning on WiFi calls, it disables Continuity and you'll have to lump it.

There you have it. Clear as mud.

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