EE hits out at Three's 'undisputed' reliability chat

EE three claim

EE are getting incredibly bitchy with their rivals over at Three.

Three have made a claim that they're the "undisputed" champions of reliability, which really got the dander of EE up, as you can see in this shady tweet.

Three ran an advert, which EE would like banned, which showed their mascot Jackson posing underneath the words: 'The undisputed UK's most reliable network. Again.'

However, these claims are based on YouGov consumer opinion survey data, which isn't the most reliable source. EE posted the awards they'd got from Rootmetrics, who award things based on their network tests.

Among all this, EE have gone to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) and made a complaint.

The ASA agreed with EE, and ruled that Three's advert was indeed misleading, and that their reliability claims were unsubstantiated. The advert is now banned.

The ruling says: "The ad must not appear again in its current form. We told Hutchison 3G UK Ltd t/a Three not to state or imply that Three was undisputedly the UK's most reliable network unless they could demonstrate that there were commonly agreed objective measures for network reliability, that Three had scored the best against those measures, and that there was no other evidence to the contrary."

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