EE gain millions of new customers thanks to 4G

12 January 2015

ee EE have announced that they've gained 5.7 million 4G customers in 2014. Blimey.

Admittedly the Orange and T-Mobile merger added most of that figure before the launch of the EE TV service, and that helped EE pull in a further 1.7 million subscribers in the final two months of the year.

So now EE's 4G user base is 7.7 million users, covering around 80% of the UK, after it expanded its super-fast mobile broadband to an additional 350 cities and towns during 2014, and is aiming to cover 98% of the population by the end of this year.

There will be no escape.

This follows last month's news that BT were sniffing around trying to shove £12.5 billion into EE's thong.

However, EE has smashed their target of 6 million handsomely, as well as gaining more new users than any other European network. Of course, that won't stop people complaining about their service on social media, but EE's bosses can't hear as they've now stuffed £50 notes into their ears.

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  • Noghar
    And now the 4g network is so congested the speeds are the same as top-end 3g, and the punters are paying 50% for the same service. Trebles all round!

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