EE Film Club replaces Orange Wednesdays

cinema For those missing Orange Wednesdays, EE are introducing another thing called EE Film Club. Not nearly as catchy, but there you go.

So what's the deal? Well, this new promotion gives you movie nuts who are on EE, Orange or T-Mobile the chance to rent films for £1 plus the price of a 35p text, every week, from That doesn't even vaguely match the previous offer.

People liked Orange Wednesdays because they could leave the house and go to the cinema with friends for cheap. This new offer is a squib in comparison.

Anyway, if you think that EE Film Club sounds like something you'd be into, it launches on 30th March and is available to all EE, Orange, T-Mobile customers with mobile or broadband contracts. You'll have to text EE to get a code each week. Text "film" to 241 to get your promotional code.

You'll have 48 hours to watch your movie choice.

"Today's announcement is very much part of EE's longstanding support and commitment to the film industry in general," said an EE spokesperson, "but also recognises how consumer habits are changing. EE is a digital brand so this new offer makes sense for our film-loving customers as more people than ever before are downloading and streaming movies so they can watch at home or on the go."

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  • javad
    Orange (Now EE) should have kept it going. Everyone loved it. Could have become a verb at some point!

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