EE expands 4G to new towns and cities

EE have decided to dump a load of 4G all over a host of new places across the UK, which means 37 locations are now able to stream videos of goats screaming like distressed humans much more quickly.

Barnsley, Chorley, Coventry, Newport, Preston, Rotherham, Telford, Walsall and Watford have all been added to the network as EE charges on in their bid to get 4G active in at least 72 locations by summer.

"We’re committed to making the UK’s first 4G service available to as many people, as quickly as possible," said EE CEO Olaf Swantee.

"We’re setting the pace for the delivery of 4G in the UK, and it’s a great achievement for our engineering teams to be able to launch in another nine towns this month, enabling more and more consumers and businesses to take advantage of superfast mobile internet."

As it stands, EE 4G covers nearly half of the UK population already and between April and June, it'll expand further, so people in places like Huddersfield and Wigan will be able to leave nasty comments on newspaper articles in a much faster way than they're used to.

The rest of the mobile operators will launch their 4G services later this year.


  • Tweedskin
    I'm lucky if I get a decent 3G or HSPA+ signal from them in London, let alone 4G.
  • My v.
    I'm in london and get 4G at home (finsbury park) at work (Edgware) top speed thus far 58mbps
  • Whisky
    Barnsley??? What the fuck do those dingles want 4G for?
  • Sicknote
    When they say Newport I assume they don't mean Newport in the Isle of Wight; they've only just got the piston driven motorcar over there so this'll be lost on them.... But hang on, equally Newport in Wales is full of slags and half-wits so what the fuck do they want 4G for...?

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