EE email a customer, calling him a "f***ing c***"

Customer service can be frustrating on both sides of the fence. And so, to a lovely little tale about EE calling someone a "f***ing c***". We're sure you can work out which swear words they are. Clue: it doesn't say 'flaming chop'.

So what happened? well, one chap rang EE to discuss paying his bills.

This man, is called Charlie Doherty and he's from Bexleyheath. He got into a disagreement when the person taking his call refused to accept a £35 payment. In the heat of the moment, Charlie hung up. Doherty said: "It is one thing being rude on the phone in the heat of the moment and regretting it and another thing all together sitting down and sending a sweary email to a customer."

Here's the email.


Notice how polite the 'kind regards' sign-off is. Lovely work, that.

Now, EE's version of event. They say that Doherty had been talking about his outstanding bill, and when he hung up, he spat 'f*** you, you c***', at the member of staff.

EE said: "The email Mr Doherty received is inexcusable and appropriate action has been taken against the member of staff."

So there you go. On one hand, if you're paid to take a bit of nonsense from customers, you shouldn't be email them calling them two of the fruitiest words in the English language, but then, on the other hand, if you call someone a 'c***', don't be sulking if someone returns the favour by calling you one straight back.

Anyway, we'd like to see all insults exchanged between staff and customers signed-off with 'kind regards'. Can we make that a thing now?


  • Fat H.
    4G I wish EE would FUCK OFF!
  • Henry C.
    So it's fine for Mr Docherty to call the guy on the phone a f.ucking c.unt? absolute chatepipe.
  • Father J.
    If I'd called some EE call centre monkey a fucking cunt, the least I would expect is for him to insult me in return using the English language, not fucking TXT SPK INNIT. How *do* these illiterate mongwankers get these jobs in the first place??

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