EE drop 4G price, making Nokia Lumia 920 cheaper

If you've been thinking of switching to the Nokia Lumia 920 for a chance to play with super-fast 4G, then it just got cheaper thanks to a host of new price plans from EE.

The Artist Formerly Known As Everything Everywhere has announced a range of new 4G EE price plans which will kick off from 31st January (but will only stick around until 31st March).

You'll be able to get your hands on a new package, starting at £31 per month on a 24 month plan (which includes unlimited UK calls and texts, and 500MB of mobile data and the option to get your hands on the Nokia Lumia 920 or Nokia Lumia 820). In short, that's a fancy phone with a fast connection with a saving of £90 on existing EE deals.

EE are also introducing a new SIM-Only 12 month 8GB plan for £41 per month as well as a new Super-User plan that offers 20GB of mobile data, which will cost £46 per month.

With 4G rolling out across the market soon, there'll be a load of deals to consider, but for the time being, this doesn't look too bad at all if you're desperate to start using 4G and get yourself a new phone.



  • Archie
    Try ringing up and blagging a free wireless charger if you do go for the phone as they have a lot of them available to sweeten the deal. Great phone btw, so much quicker and fun to use than my Samsung galaxy S3.
  • Sicknote
    That's really great news; doesn't stop EE being a pile of steaming shit, does it..?
  • Sprocket d.
    "which includes unlimited UK calls and texts, and 500MB of mobile data" " this doesn’t look too bad at all if you’re desperate to start using 4G" Are you on drugs Mof? How can this be a decent deal with 500mb of mobile data. The whole point of 4G according to EE is how wonderful and fast 4G is compared to 3G. I would imagine most average users would have that data used up in less than a week just doing general browsing, downloading apps/games and streaming You Tube etc, probably quicker if you used it for Sky Go or similar. What there basically hoping for is that you use up your shitty data allowance even quicker than when you were on 3G just so they can shaft you with a hot money poker when your bill comes in and rip your scrotum off with something stupid like £1 per MB charge outside your allowance. Only a fuckwit would take on a contract like this, new shiny fast smartphone with little to no data allowance.
  • Terry
    500mb would be burned in a few seconds.
  • dvdj10
    What I was going to say. I use more than 500meg just browsing a month and even then I use wifi when at home and drive to work so it's not liek I sit there on my mobile data like someone would if the commuted by train. What's the point in giving them "super-fast speeds" and then not enough data to actually make use of it on Skygo, iplayer etc? Stupid hateful company. Glad I'm not bothered by 4G just yet.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    "but will only stick around until 31st March" Does anyone seriously buy this shite... what's going to happen on 31st March, are they going to put the price back up.... ohhhh i'm really scared.... NOT. The wankers at EE are milking it for all they can whilst only they can supply 4G but this price drop is proof that they know others will soon be on their tails and consumers will have a choice which overpriced, under-specced data plan they opt for.
  • chris
    i reckon its cos their exclusivity is about to end if rumours are correct

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