EE are the best British mobile network

EE_4G_cities Who is the best British mobile network? Well, if you can read headlines, you'll already know that the best British mobile network is EE.

Says who? Well, this was decided in an independent study of mobile performance across the UK by mobile analytics firm RootMetrics, which you will agree, is impossibly exciting. And the results are more surprising that EE simply coming out on top.

That's because EE topped every single category, which included network reliability, call quality, mobile internet, texts and network speed. Remarkably, Three came in at a strong second, even though their customers seem to do a huge amount of complaining on social networks about their coverage.

RootMetrics' results were based on more than 840,000 samples taken across the whole of the UK and president Bill Moore said: "These results give UK consumers and businesses the most accurate view of mobile performance in the UK that has ever been made available. From nation to neighbourhood, people now have access to data showing them the best network in their area."

"No other study of this size and scale for mobile performance has ever been carried out before in the UK, and it has, for the first time, shown consumers the true services they are receiving from their network provider."

The runts of the pack were Vodafone and O2 who lagged behind EE and Three.


  • Mick T.
    For 'best' I presume you mean 'least worst'.
  • Chiggers
    Yeah right. All of that stuff depends on having a bleedin' signal in the first place. Which they can't seem to reliably deliver to the wilds of north London. Come round my house, Bill Moore, and see what you think of them then.
  • Dubdriver
    Or giffgaff were the best (for satisfaction and wanting not to leave) depending on whose survey you believe (OK so it was only a sample of 1140 customers).

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