Early iPhone upgrades for O2 customers - but it'll cost you

Bitterwallet - iPhone 4 If you’re an O2 iPhone customer who has got their beady eyes on an upgrade to this month’s new handset, you can now find out how much it will cost you.

O2 have announced that customers who are still in their contract and not technically eligible for a new iPhone will be able to get one, but it could involve some substantial forking out.

Visit the O2 site, armed with your contract end date and it’ll tell you how much an iPhone 4 upgrade will set you back. If your Pay Monthly contract has another year on it, it could be as much as £250. Ouch.

But, it’s not all bad news. You could offset the price of a new handset by trading in your current one. Provided you’ve looked after it, you could get as much as £253 back from O2 Recycle for a 32GB iPhone 3GS.

In other iPhone news, if you’re a Mac user, The Next Web can tell you how to get IOS4 running on your iPhone NOW. Do it, but don’t forget to backup first.


  • Mike H.
    Andy, Mof used Which! instead of Which? in the last article I tried to tell him but he doesn't want anyone to know he's a monkey. So he just deleted my comment, could you shout accross the office to him that Mike thinks he's a cock swapper?
  • Andy D.
    Hello. My name is Andy Dawson, and I am addicted to Apple.
  • a55415
    Better than Orange.
  • David D.
    Or, £350 if you are like me and have over 12 months left! But they will give me £240 for my old 16GB 3Gs so sounds a bit better £100 for the new iPhone isn't so bad I guess, but I'm guessing I will not be able to do this in store? And will have to send my handset off for how ever long it will take them to send me the money, etc. Otherwise, I could always sell private and get cash in hand pretty quick, we shall see, but I reckon there will be an influx of older iPhone's on eBay etc when this is launched.
  • speedski
    recycles are usually quick - cashinmyphone paid me in 2 days (cleared bank in 4) which is way quicker than eBay/Paypal for example...
  • Dave
    Don't forget that you still have to actually buy the new iphone 4 as well. Wow, 02 are being so considerate letting your buy off the rest of your contract for a measly £20 per month.
  • Ian
    Why would I need this? I am on a rolling monthly contract from my original iPhone 3G. Can we have more relevant articles please?!
  • shah
    Best to sell on ebay, and get more for your iphone. then buy the urgaded version in my opinion. you can get more than 300 still for the 16gb 3gs
  • Nobby
    > If your Pay Monthly contract has another year on it, it could be as much as £250. Ouch. Out of interest, how much would that contract cost if you just do nothing, and pay it off as normal and start another contract for the new phone.
  • Mike H.
    Apple and the service providers really love you guys wasting your money on this s**t. I thought one of the intentions of HUKD/BW was to save us money? Not waste even more on s**t like this. I can''t believe how many people are sucked in, "must buy new iPhone, must buy new iPhone" you're like f**king marketing zombies. You just want the new iPhone so your dick-head mates will like you, cock swappers.
  • Betty S.
    So it costs £X to get out of the current contract but how much is going to cost to get the new one? This doesn't seem to be an upgrade at all but just a way of paying off your old contract slightly cheap and then starting a new one at the standard price. An upgrade would have some actual phone price benefit too. I haven't seen anything about how much the new phones are going to cost yet.
  • The B.
    Presumably you also have to sign up for a new contract, i.e. extend your existing one? Still, it nearly has the same functionality as a Desire now, nowhere near the Evo though.
  • Robert
    All you are doing is buying off your contract cheaper. You then start a new contract and still have to pay for the new iPhone as well.
  • Ed L.
    Woww, this is a highly technical algorithm from the O2 team. After spending hours reverse engineering I can reveal it uses: Months left on contract * £20 =
  • Mike H.
    Ed, that's an equation not an algorithm you dopey untechnical, iPhone owning tit slapper!
  • Klingelton
    I suspect if they are trying to get people to cheaply buy out their old contracts, they might be introducing something into the new contracts. best check that small print on the data charges people.
  • stuart
    just phoned them, but you get a prerecorded message saying their staff know nothing about the iphone 4 & to just keep checking the site. i was phoning anyway as i may go for early upgrade so wanted my 16GB iphone 3G unlocked. i told them it was for my wife but it'll actually be taken to cex who'll give me £246 for it! i asked the guy about the tarrifs/cost of iphone 4 but he doesnt know. he has in fact registered on the o2 site so he can get info! just got to keep checking back there. he recons it'll get updated daily from the 15th
  • John
    When does the name change to iBitterWallet come into affect? *rolleyes*
  • M4RKM
    why sell your phone to o2 for £250ish when you can sell it to a CEX for about £300ish... makes no sense to me
  • Paul C.
    Pretty good deal from O2 for existing customers. I pay £120 for the remainder of my contract - plus get £250 cash for trade-in. I have just downgraded my tariff after 9 months too. Winner. Upgrading will benefit me plus a new phone to break. FAB.I.O. (capella)
  • Andy B.
  • Nobby
    @ Mike Hock I thought one of the intentions of HUKD/BW was to save us money? No, the intention of HUKD is to make as much money for the owners as possible through affiliate links. They want to make money by getting you to buy products that you think are a good deal.
  • Klingelton
    is the contract they're asking you to sign up to 36 months? I smell a rat.
  • Klingelton
    Or a bummed fox...
  • Ed L.
    Text 21302 with Date and apparently I'm not an O2 customer. Can I use this as evidence to stop paying my bill.. please.
  • Ian
    Tariffs are out. No unlimited data anymore. Boooo!
  • Klingelton
    I bloody said!!!
  • Mr G.
    As all the networks will be doing the iPhone4 why stay with O2?
  • sony k.
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