Don't text and drive - drink instead

driving selfie If you're going to text and drive at the same time, you may as well open a bottle of Jim Beam and down it at the lights. Yes, using your phone while driving poses more of a challenge to your concentration and judgment than drinking, according to a study by the Transport Research Laboratory.

The study found that texting while driving slowed down reaction time by a whopping 37%. Even if you're so out of your head on sweet Mary Jane that you think you're a giant green floating trumpet, you'll have a better reaction time - cannabis slows it by only 21%. And if you drink to the legal limit, your reactions will have slowed by 13%.

But it's talking on a handheld phone that drains all your concentration faster than a knackered iPhone battery. When you're chatting about what you're going to have for tea, reaction times are slowed down by 46%.

The research has led campaigners to demand that phones are banned completely at the wheel. At the moment, using your phone carries a fine of £100 and three points on your licence, but the Alliance of British Drivers are calling for phone use to carry the same penalty as drinking - an automatic year's ban.

What do you think? Or are you too busy texting and crashing into the back of a lorry?

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