Doggone good use of the iPhone as a remote control

Going to be late home from the office? Boss working you like a well oiled whore? Or perhaps a one night stand has unexpectedly landed in your lap and started applying special mouth love. Either way, you're not going home anytime soon, which is bad news for your starving pooch.

Not a problem for Stephen Myers, who created a dog-treat dispenser in an hour and a half, using a CD spindle case and other scraps of household minutiae. Throw in a webcam, and Stephen can now feed Cooper the dog via his iPhone:

Brilliant. A finer use for an iPhone, there has never been. There's certainly a commercial application in here, somewhere; QVC always need more crap to sell through the day. With any luck someone will build one that feeds the kids at home while we nip off to Magaluf for a week. "They've been fed, and I could see the the house wasn't on fire. What's your problem, copper?"



  • Ducky
    Ah, no instructions on how to manufacture one BW?
  • kungfu
    does it clean the shit up as hes not home all day

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