Does your mobile phone company bully you?

Don't repeat this, but apparently bears do shit in the woods. Keep it under your hat, but the Pope is a catholic. And apparently, the standard of customer service offered by mobile companies is shoddy. So shoddy in fact, that the government is investigating exactly how shoddy it is.

Consumer Focus is the Government's new consumer champion, formed last month from the merger of the National Consumer Council, Energywatch and Postwatch. By all accounts it may actually have the balls to make good on its promise to get consumers a fairer deal. Its chief exec Ed Mayo has today told the Independent:

"We have identified mobile phones as an area of crying consumer concern – high complaints, sometimes quite shoddy customer services. On the face of it, it is an area for a new consumer champion.

"One of the issues for concern is the way that some of the mobile phone companies appear to indulge in bully boy tactics to try to browbeat the regulator out of doing the right thing for consumers.

“And I will give you an example of this – number portability. It ought to be able to be easy to take your mobile phone company with you when you switch provider but at the moment it’s a slow and laborious process."

Good. And while you're at it, stop sales agents harassing me into upgrading my handset four months before the end of the contract. Stop taking the piss by waiting for me to complain about my old tariff before moving me to a new tariff. And take your direct debit on the same date every month, instead of randomly picking one in a five day period. And etc etc etc.

[The Independent]

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  • David P.
    Three was the worst for calling me for an upgrade in the last few months of my contract, it got to the point where I got a phonecall pretty much every other day... and not always from Three (obviously ticking that little square box didn't work)! What annoys me about mobile phone companies is how they always take more than the agreed cost of line rental in the first month. I know this is because it is worked out on a pro-rata basis but why the hell can't they just start the month the day you receive your sim card?! I also hate how they can happily take my mobile phone order online or on the phone but I have to give them 30 days notice in WRITING... a phonecall or e-mail suddenly isn't good enough! Dialaphone really take the piss though. I took out a cashback deal with them which appeared to be good but here's where they get you... they say 12 months half-price line rental but you have have to send the 6th, 9th and 12th phone bill off. Fair enough I think... but you they don't want the bill when you receive it. Oh no that would be to straightforward. They want it 30 days AFTER you receive it. WHY?? Because you will either get confused and send the wrong bill or just forget to send the right bill in 30 days time. Also, the T+C's state that the contract has to be active when you make a claim, therefore forcing you to stay with the network for at least another month. Grrrrr!! Rant over, goodnight.
  • Mobile B.
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