Dodgy Siri comes to iPhone 4. Don't - it's not worth it.

H1Siri iPhone users who don’t have the brand new 4S have been going insane with despair over the lack of the voice-controlling Siri feature on their handsets (it says here). Now iPhone 4 owners can be part of the in-crowd along with the smug 4S owners – as Siri can be had on the older, more inferior iPhone.

But wait – there’s a catch. In order to get it, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone 4. Also, by installing and using Dodgy Siri (as we’re calling it henceforth), you could be sending personal info somewhere, whether it be the authors of Dodgy Siri or Apple itself. Info could include your email, SMS, calendar, contacts, location etc.

Oh, and there’s countless reports of the damn thing not actually working. There’s talk of it causing random reboots, breaking the camera, bricking the phone, messing up the Settings app, causing the phone to get stuck at the Apple logo and other such nastiness.

Still want Siri? Siriously?



  • Dick
    Hi Siri, is my iphone waterproof? Hi Siri, can you record a video of me doing a shit? Hi Siri, from below.
  • fuckoff
    this is bullshit dodgy siri is just enabling an apple feature there is nothing dodgy. stop hating on jailbreaking!
  • Mike H.
    Can't vouch for it, I don't have an iPhone, but it also looks like simply owning an iPhone turns you into a BMW/Audi driving cunt. Either that, or they're just a cunt in the first place.
  • zleet
    Apple will at some point have to allow siri on older devices as it gives them a gimmicky way into google's hold on the search engine market. They will deny it as long as they can force people to buy the newest model, but it'll happen eventually.
  • The m.
    Sirious has already been withdrawn by the maker now after threats of legal action from siris developers - and yes it was a little buggy but there were fixes for it and what r u guys on about that it may be stealing your details etc and passing them on?? It's apple who do that.

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