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android_appsAndroid is the hippy of the technology world, at pains to constantly walk around with open arms offering everyone in earshot a great big, non-sexually threatening hug. Not like those bastards from Apple. No. The only people who makes apps for Apple are the kind of swine with two monitors on their desks. They probably sneer at you for not knowing about HTML and the latest Memes. Or something.

And as such, Google are absolutely determined to show how groooovy they are by allowing any old idiot the chance to be able to make an application for Android smartphones with some free software called Google App Inventor for Android.

According to VentureBeat,  this has been under development for a year and that testing has been done in schools young folks as well as nursing students and undergraduates who aren't studying computery things. Basically, it is designed for luddites like me.

Google reckon that phones are becoming the primary computer that many people use and, as such, we should be able to make our own apps.

Google’s tool lets people drag and drop code blocks which will allow folk to create apps in a matter of minutes (provided you are a Gmail user). Whilst this is rather good for people who aren't so hot with coding and whatnot, this could sadly mean a tidal wave of really, really shitty apps. Check the video below to see how easy it is to make a really rubbish app.


  • Jim P.
    luckily most normal people dont give a rats ass about creating apps (or indeed Android itself) so it will just be spammers and phishers who do this
  • Ken R.
    Cheg on Jim Paladalacala!
  • The B.
    Nice, for people who do develop apps, cut and paste what you need, grab the code and sling it into your own app. Saving you enough time to point out that the reason Jim Padalaca doesn't like smartphones is because he can't use them as he has 7 fingers on each hand due to his parents being related.
  • Steve J.
    Ohhh, she touched her pussy and it made a noise. (Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes, YOUR UNDER, buy the iPhone 4)

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