Did Carphone Warehouse do the dirty on Orange?

After a rollercoaster couple of weeks, an interesting footnote has been added to the saga of Orange attempting to change their out-of-bundle call charges, but ultimately backing down after so many customers took the opportunity to cancel their contract. There are now reports on industry websites that suggest Orange customers weren't the only ones to take advantage of the situation; third party retailers, including Carphone Warehouse, are said to have turned the loophole to their advantage to boost their own sales figures.

According to Mobile News:

"...a number of retail staff in retailers such as Carphone Warehouse have been using this as a way of getting customers to cancel existing contracts, and then re-signing them to a new contract on a different network. Thus giving the sales person an extra new contract to their sales target and the customer a brand new handset.

One Carphone Warehouse staffer said: “I had a call from another store telling us we could cancel Orange contracts and it turned out to be true. Since we found out we have been using it as a way of getting new business and so have many other stores."

And again at What Mobile:

A forum member, 'Simax' who works for Orange posted on our forum: "What also amused me was the amount of dealers who were advertising the loophole. Some of who took out a few contracts at the end of last month who now cannot cancel. Not only naughty in the first place, but serves them right!"

If that's the case, Orange will no doubt be examining their dealings with Carphone Warehouse and other third parties over the past three weeks, to determine which of their trusted retailers tried to screw them into the ground.


  • Martha F.
    Right, so it's OK for Orange to screw customers and lie to them, but woe betide anyone who tries to screw Orange and lie to them.
  • Bill O.
    @ martha, i dont think thats what is being said. You must surely accept that any sustainable business arrangement must be mutually beneficial, and its not necessarily in the interest of a major customer to screw their supplier.
  • Martha F.
    That's business Bill, now get back to looking out for that lesser spotted pink warbler you bearded dumpy little shit.
  • Bill O.
    im on it............
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Yep, got a "friend" on Facebook who works for P4U and was proclaiming loudly last week "If you have an Orange mobile phone contract, come and see me. I can get you out of your contract and get you a new phone...."
  • Superjutah
    I work for a rival network (the best one! :) ) and I have to say that a lot of the phone business is quite dirty and underhanded lying and doing anything to sign anyone and lies such as there is gonna b a new iphone within the 3 months after the release of the Iphone 3gs and to be honest, this doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Carphone and P4U do ANYTHING to get the sale and there is a line between persuading a customer to do a better deal and outright just giving a customer anything to better your store's sales record/ your commission! A customer CANNOT blame a sales person (thats what I call these unethical people) if they tell you something which sounds COMPLETLEY wrong. If someone says to you to go on a premium contract to get a good phone and then call up the network to cancel, your spider sense should be tingling!!!! I can honestly say that I reckon EVERY network on some level has told people to cancel off orange so they can get their business but what carphone did was ask people to take out new contracts and then cancel them and while even though I could not be more bias against orange, that is completley unfair!!! How can you expect people to take out new contracts for a few weeks only for them to cancel them! Any customer who tried to do this "scam" deserves to stay on the contract for the 18/ 24 months!
  • Mr B.
    Even the Orange Retail Dealers were heavily pushing people to cancel aswell, everyone was in on it, But CPW and P4U definitely were the biggest culprits, hell theres talk of a lot of the stores having signs in their window actively promoting the loophole to snag all the handset greedy folks in.
  • scooby d.
    people are quick to jump on the orange have lied bandwagonhowever orange are the only company who have communicated to their customers the fact that they were changing their t&c s and given them the fair opportunity to cancel the contract ( although there were some discrepancies as to who qualified ) what about the current press release regarding vodas changing in t&C In exactly the same way = minimum call price increase exactly sme rat 5p to 15p yet they are not allowing cmers to follow their legal right to cancel -why hasno one picked up on oh so glorious voda? or virgin for that matter. Some solace comes in the fact that orange have clawed back more money in dealer commission regarding the abuse of the policy than was lost in cmers disocnnecting....
  • Layla
    All this hoo-hah over contracts? people out there are dying and here are silly mindless idiots complaining about loopholes over networks ..

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