Dell's new smartphone is a Chinese takeaway

Dell look set to enter the smartphone war, if these pics (below) are to be believed. According to Gizmodo, specs could include a 3.5-inch display (640x360), GPS, MicroSD slot, and 3Mp camera.

It’s rumoured to be called the ‘Ophone mini3i’ (sounds vaguely familiar) and it’ll use the Android OS. Oh, and it will only be available in China. Hold on, what the what’s that? China?

Yup, apparently so. It’s rumoured to be coming out as a Chinese exclusive, so maybe the rest of the world will get a peek if it turns out to be a hit.


  • Martha F.
    Oh my god! this is amazing, I think I've just creamed my pants!* FALSE: I couldn't care less about bloody smartphones, especially the Audi/BMW driving tossers weapon of choice, the iPhone!
  • tits
    looks shit
  • balls
    good luck to dell lol, they will need it.
  • The B.
    When you turn it on will it continually display "warning, cover has been removed"?
  • Rupert
    Yes, Martha Focker, I drive an Audi and love my Iphone. Why does that make me a tosser?
  • Martha F.
    Becasue you own the two things tossers aspire too, all you need now is few driving offences to complete, tosser.
  • Name (.
    Well Rupert, you must agree that 99.95% of BMW and Mercedes drivers are arrogant 'I own the road' assholes that deserve to be bludgeoned to death and most people would automatically assume they are tossers, and they'd be right. (However, in my experience, the same cannot be said of so many Audi drivers. So you're safe. For now.) I also have an iPhone, and love it. But drive a Honda. Nicely.
  • Name (.
    ps. yeah the phone looks like shit. Why, Dell, WHY?
  • Jase
    Why's would any sort of release, however small, have such a poor quality image? Just looking at it makes me things I need glasses. and to repeat "balls", "good luck dell, they'll need it".
  • Petea
    And your called rupert. TWAT!
  • Shooter M.
    I wonder if the Chinese will have the same communicative experience with Dell Customer Services that we occidentals enjoy
  • Ten B.
    [...] Dell’s new smartphone looks like it’ll be sold only in China. The rest of the world struggles to care. Tags: bitterwallet, ten of the best Posted in news roundup August 15th, 2009 | [...]
  • scrappy d.
    I concur, audi/BMW driver = tosser, on the same level as 4x4 drivers. The only thing worse than having one drive inches from the back of your car talking on their iphone/blackberry is getting stuck behind one at a junction talking on their iphone/blackberry because: a) no one will let them out willingly b) if someone does they are too distracted playing with their penis extension (be that the phone or car) to notice. On the subject of the phone.... it looks like a childrens toy where the screen moves depending on which way you tilt it. Why are they called smart phones anyway? surely they are more like 'shit computers with a phone application'?

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