Deathwatch: Nokia's tailspin towards oblivion continues


Remember when Nokia were top of the mobile phone pops? Seems like a long time ago now and it’ll be a long time before they ever get back there again. In fact they almost certainly never will, at least if their latest financial figures are anything to go by.

They’ve announced a 25% drop in net sales of all mobile phones and have unveiled an unenviable operating loss of €487m (£424m), compared to a s €295m operating profit of a year ago. Ouch. It all comes a few months after Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s deranged ‘Nokia, our platforms are burning’ internal memo was leaked.

But it’s all going to be okay, because Nokia have teamed up with Microsoft for a ‘strategic partnership’ that involves cooking up some fancy new Windows-driven phones. Yes – that should sort everything out and result in a happy ending for both companies. Well, some kind of ending anyway…


  • Alexis
    Keep seeing a Nokia ad with 3 phones featured at the end. They look like Blackberrys from 5 years ago.
  • Brian's U.
    innovate or die. I remember when Nokia were coming out with phones like the 8210. The smallest, aerial free phone that was so desirable. The game has moved on however Nokia are stuck in 1999
  • Crazy
    Spot on, the 8210 was cool. Most of their handsets since then have been terrible. Poor firmware most of the time.
  • Darren
    I know a few people who work on the software team at Nokia, and they even say how crap it all is. It all went downhill when they went over to Symbian. they should have kept doing what they were good at, yes the 8210, I had one of them, and brought another one as a temp phone a few years ago. best phone ever. They tried to enter the smartphone market with a crap OS before people really wanted it. Symbian killed Nokia.
  • Zleet
    If I ever need a simple cheap phone to take on holiday if I don't wish to risk my fancy smartphone then I buy a Nokia for twenty quid, I would never think to go for one of their premium models. I've never understood why Nokia never just made an Android handset, as clunky and dated as some of their stuff looked the build quality was always great. If they could create a good sub £100 model that was easily rooted and better than the ZTE Blade then they would sell plenty. But Nokia's plan is to go with Microsoft? That's like abandoning a sinking ship by attaching yourself to a rocket careering towards the sun.
  • mein c.
    It's a real shame, Nokia were plainly hardware geniuses, and should have stopped doing their own OS ages ago. If they'd jumped onto Android (or even Winmo) and not bothered with Symbian they'd be in a much better position.

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