Deathwatch: Nokia

nokia-1209 Looks like Microsoft are killing off Nokia.

Nokia types heading to the UK website are now being greeted with a re-direction to Microsoft's British site, and there, users will be greeted with a tagline that says: 'Step inside Our New Home'. Meanwhile, over at Twitter Nokia UK, it confirms their 'New Home'.

This is a bit of an arse for those who swear by Nokia (Snake surely turned some people into mega die-hard fans?), who had seen a now false dawn that Nokia devices were top priority.

However, there's rumours abounding that Microsoft is said to be mulling over doing away (in entirety) the entire Nokia brand name along with the Windows Phone brand.

Which means the Lumia 730 and Lumia 830, both of which were released by Microsoft during the recent IFA 2014, are the last devices that will feature the Nokia brand name.

Future Lumias are likely to carry either the pure 'Microsoft' branding.

In the meantime, we'll be setting up a helpline to help you get through this ordeal. We saw how you reacted to Take That splitting up - we don't want to see you wailing into your laps in public again.


  • Shaun
    Nokia is actually pretty healthy now they've sold off the loss making phone division to those chumps in Redmond who only licenced the Nokia name for smartphones until end of 2015.
  • Mike
    The reason for this is that Nokia is still a seperate company and Microsoft don't have the rights to the name for much longer (2016 I think?) It's possible Nokia can come back and make their own phones down the line, on a totally clean slate.
  • Shad
    Why is this news? As part of the terms of the purchase MS only had a few years to keep using the Nokia name anyway.. So it was always going to happen. Just we didnt know when.

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