Deathwatch: BlackBerry still on the ropes

Blackberry For a while, the only time you ever heard about BlackBerry was when there was bad news to share. Then, after a while, no-one wanted to talk about them at all, like they were a dying relative left to perish in a retirement home.

Well, we're sticking with talking about their bad news and again, BlackBerry find themselves in a very sticky situation.

Shares have been slumping, even though there's been rumours that Samsung might take them over, and their global market share has dropped to under 1%... which means only one thing - streamlining.

When a company needs to 'streamline', what it actually means is 'we're going to sack a load of people', which is bad news for some 7,000 employees. Blackberry's statement said that it would "consolidate our device software, hardware and applications business" in a bid to try and claw back toward profit. There's no word on how many people could lose their jobs - we're just hoping it isn't too much of a bloodbath.

It still looks like BlackBerry are forgetting about selling phones to the public, who have made their minds up about what they want (and it isn't BlackBerry) and are still focusing on government workers and people in finance. However, there's only so many of those people, so is it a wise idea?

Either way, BlackBerry is known for making devices that have an excellent security presence. The company aren't dead yet, but they've been incredibly poorly for years now.

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