Could EU action bring an end to Android bloatware?

android lollipop With Google facing antitrust fines from EU competition regulators, the company have told staff that things could be getting heavy in the coming weeks.

Kent Walker, Google's general counsel, wrote in the memo to his charges, saying that a "statement of objections" to Google's business practices in Europe would be released on Wednesday by the EU's competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager.

Basically, the European Commission is looking at whether or not Google have been pushing their own products unfairly, at the behest of others.

"Expect some of the criticism to be tough," Walker continued.

With everyone focusing on search results, Google Maps and various shopping tools online, one thing that could really be shook-up is on Android. Anyone with an Android phone will know that their mobile is filled with a host of apps that you can't get rid of - and they're mostly Google branded applications too.

Unless you're techie and can get under the hood, many users have found at some point, that they've tried to delete Google apps, only to find that they're reinstalled when your  phone does an update, or if your mobile's settings automatically update your apps. Most users just accept the updates so they can stop the constant reminders and push notifications.

If the EU issues a "statement of objections" against Google is successful, and the company are found guilty of abusing their market dominance, not only will there be some huge fines being thrown around, but it could mean that you'll be able to uninstall Google apps for good, if you're not using them and they're taking up precious memory on your device.

Google have used their platform to push their own products ahead of others on Android handsets, so you can bet that Google will be hoping they can settle out of court. Will it change the way we get to manage what is on our phones?

We'll have to wait and see.

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