COMPETITION! Win the brand new... AirPhone No. 4!

The iPhone 4. Everyone wants one. Well, most people want one. Well, some people. Unfortunately, Bitterwallet simply can't find a way to lay our hands on 200 of them to give away, so we've had to resort to the next best thing - the AirPhone No. 4. No, that's not a typo. Look with your eyes, man:

Bitterwallet - the Air Phone No. 4

See, it's nothing like an iPhone 4 - it's a got a giant parrot toucan (apologies, exotic bird lovers) on the screen. Have a read of the spec on Honesty Wholesale's website - "a window to show all our products privilege, to guide you order wholesale products from China" - and we think you'll be moist for it in record time. That's why we're going to push the boat out and stump up $91.85 for one and give it away! To you! Perhaps!

To stand a chance of winning this advanced technology (and were defining "advanced technology" in this instance as Twiki in Buck Rogers) is complete the following question in ten words or less:

"Martin Lewis's hairline on his headshot looks substantially fuller than during his numerous TV appearances because..."

Leave your answer in the comments before 5pm this Friday, after which we'll pick one at random and may bother to order the thing. No promises, mind. If we do, in return you have to provide a full and honest review of the Air Phone No. 4, although to stress the point again, we may not bother. Cheers.


  • Morocco
    ...because he knows the difference between a parrot and a toucan
  • Alex
    ...he's saved money by selling his hair to cancer patients
  • Jaffo's a rug
  • ChrisCobra
    “Martin Lewis’s hairline on his headshot looks substantially fuller than during his numerous TV appearances because…” The moderators are too busy airbrushing than moderating trolls.
  • singhster
    ... He touches himself up.
  • pooh
    ... he went to
  • Tom
    ... he sold it for an AirPhone No.4
  • sibeer
    he leans his head forward for photo shoots thus creating an optical illusion. The savings on photoshop sessions are used to pay for MSE bandwidth.
  • Angry S.
    ...he's a self-absorbed prick.
  • Jonny S.
    ...You can't spraypaint your head for TV
  • bushbrother
    ... he wants you to compare the haircut, simples!
  • PokeHerPete
    Does it include a free bumper?
  • Zaphod.
    …there's a frigging app for that.
  • ALB're a cunt
  • Nobby
    ... everything on that site is years out of date.
  • kev
    .... he thought if he wore a rabbit on his head, that from far away it might look like hair (hare)
  • casiokid
    his swish new airphone No. 4 has irradiated his head.
  • Rhinestone
    Some of it was repossessed.
  • Willy-wonka
    he shaved his pubes and stuck them on his head!!
  • Yoshimi
    ...his website design is horribly out of date.
  • 94th M.
    Because under hot studio lights, his number one money saving tip is... Cut your hairline right back; you'll stay substantially better hydrated, and save on those exorbitant bottled water prices in television studios
  • Will
    .. he's worth it..... L'Oreal
  • Phony R.
    I don't wanna get bogged down in this whole gay nest of vipers. Just gimme the AirPhone 4.
  • Monni
    ..... he sold his hair to the devil to make himself so popular!
  • dacouch
    Unlike the Bitterwallet staff he cares about his appearance and has access to paintshop pro via a deal
  • Harry
    Well at least it will have a better signal that a real iPhone 4.
  • Ted S.
    ...his website uses fuzzy logic.
  • Jack
    ...using an old photo saves you money like an expert
  • Basil B.
    ...because he's too busy stealing content from HUKD.
  • Darryl
    ... Because he eat's crusts!
  • Simon
    he is a clever chap and made money by selling his hair to the people/persons responsible for creating the rather fetching "Tigers Made from Human Hair".... as seen here on YouTube:
  • Lee
    ...because Mrs MoneySavingExpert takes it up the arse.
  • Simon
    I realise that wasn't ten words or less, so: he sold it to "tigers made of Human hair".
  • Martin L.
    ... unlike some people he doesn't wear a cap to cover his baldness >> <<
  • Veronica
  • Johnters
    ..... because he eat is crust's.
  • BigRob
    Becuase he pays for expensive make up artist to make him looks cheap.
  • Doug L.
    because he traded his soul to the devil for better hair.
  • Easywin
    because with great expertise comes rapid hair loss.
  • Marc
    ...he combed it?
  • Dane
    .......he sells it for the extra money
  • Simon
    Guilt...STILL owes me £50, post of the month 2008!
  • simon h.
    he swapped it for a iphone then realised in was a airphone 4
  • David
    "Martin Lewis’s hairline on his headshot looks substantially fuller than during his numerous TV appearances because…" He's fuelled by the souls of the damned
  • Rafe D.
    ... he's being felched by a confused hedgehog.
  • Ryan's H.
    ... he's committed to receding dubious hairline practices.
  • fatcat69
    ....because with great hair comes great responsibility.
  • Chris
    ... It's covered in oil from BP.
  • James K.
    ...he's actually Peter Andre in disguise.
  • Stephen D.
    ...he was afraid of the TV camera adding five pounds. (£/lbs).
  • Big D.
    Your monitors f**cked - he looks damn sexy on mine!
  • Lumoruk
    ...Andy and Paul sent him a hair piece as a gesture of good will to settle old scores, only the hair piece was made out of their own pubic hair.
  • Eddie O.
    he's saved enough to have his image professionaly photoshopped
  • gleeme
    he's fat
  • Tony
    because he's just taken it out of the photographer's arse
  • Terry
    because he is trying to cover up his hairline crack.....
  • Boom-Shanka
    Martin Lewis’s hairline on his headshot looks substantially fuller than during his numerous TV appearances because… ...when he cums, he smears t'jizz all over his head Jimmy Carr he has had a weave. The Puff! whore=vain
  • china w.
    it is a good phone for airphone no.4
  • george
    because when hes bach on telly he removes the h'air on a g string
  • karen
    on tv a lot of it ends up on the cutting room floor

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