Common sense wins as universal mobile charger is coming

Good old common sense has scored a major victory and is today running around with its underduds on its head, shouting ‘w00t w00t w00t w00t w00t!’ That’s because there’s finally a universal mobile phone charger on its way, one that should fit almost all models.

According to some secret dossier or other, the bosses of the mobile manufacturers all got dressed up like their best handsets one night last year for a clandestine meet-up in an underground car park. Once there, they agreed to forge ahead with a charger that we could all use, without having to build up a collection of different ones at home or gather all of your colleagues together so you can check theirs before you borrow one.

The European Commission have rubber-stamped the idea and the new-style charger (which will come with a mini-USB connector) should be in our world some time next year.


Thanks to BW reader Tom Pickering.


  • chrisg.
    Chances of iPhone having one? = ZERO.
  • JJ M.
    This isnt a new thing. They all signed up to it last year except Apple. Its only now that Apple have signed up that it becomes real news.
  • Andy D.
    It is news. It's just been ratified by the European Commission. Without the green light from them, it would have been blown out of the water. (From February)
  • Lumoruk
    You sure the EC didn't force them to do this, I'm sure they were all dead against handing over millions in profits due to their chargers breaking 1 day after the warranty ends
  • Andy D.
    The EC were threatening them with making it compulsory if they didn't comply. But the EC have only just rubberstamped the proposals that the companies have come up with. That's why IT IS A NEWS!
  • acecatcher3
    andy are u raptorcigs? ur caps lock are going crazy today.
  • -----
    @ chrisg Yes, it will. Apple have agreed to this already.
  • Louise S.
    Thing being, now apple have signed up what will happen with all our car docks etc We will end up having to buy every apple accessory again
  • Micky
    @Louise - Only the people stupid enough to buy an iPhone in the first place will =]
  • kyalion
    About bloody time too. Christ on a bike, how much do we all spend every upgrade, on getting a new car charger. FFS common sense has prevailed.
  • chrisg.
    They'll just create/ship a dongle which fits on the end of the normal sync port cable that fits this new system. ie one more thing to lose. Think about it - do you seriously think that all of the different things in the apple port can be replicated over USB2 mini? Can it be done? Yep, will they? Nope.
  • I've o.
    You do realise that manufacturers will just start leaving chargers out of the box (costing them less) and then charge extra for them seperately to make more money....
  • Benjimoron
    Micro usb, not mini usb, no?

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