Commodore 64 meets iPhone - let the worship begin

It's been literally minutes since we last mentioned the iPhone. Vince has started rocking back and forth, Andy is screaming into his hands and threatening to kill again - going cold turkey isn't easy. So thank baby Jesus for today's iPhone post that'll restore both sanity and intense tissue usage to the BW office. What's more, it's a trip back to the days of your childhood with this cracking Commodore 64 emulator app, which lets you play your favourite games of yore:

The app has been rejected from the App Store because of a technicality, which is a shame because Bruce Lee with a virtual joystick looks tremendous. And Bombjack! Bloody Bombjack! Aces. Come on folks, sort it out and get it in the store. And let's have Jet Set Willy while you're at it, too.



  • -> H.
    Who the fuck, (long pause to ensure that it is infact a mistake within the Tags section, and not my discalextrica showing through) is Brue Lee?
  • Terrence D.
    Not sure above Maybe the missed out the creme?
  • Joseph T.
    The C64 emulator (along with countless other emulators) has been on windows mobile for ages. I pity the fools that buy iphones and actually pay for 'apps'.
  • Andy B.
    The N series app for this has been out for ages. Why is it that when something new comes out for an apple everyone's like "Wow thats new and innovative" when it isnt at all. Case in point, a two button mouse?! Video recording on the Iphone? The lightsabre app. All been out on other devices for aaaaaaages. Buy an Iphone, be a sheep. baaaa
  • Jules W.
    Ditto Joseph and Andy. I even had the excellent, free Frodo C64 emulator on my really old Nokia 6600. Of course, along with that I had the 3 Star Wars arcade games, Blue Max (with music!), maybe Zaxxon? etc...
  • Paul S.
    You're right, those Commodore games on pokey screens with a numberpad for controls - that must have really enhanced the user experience. You don't like the iPhone, that's all fine and well, but holding up the lightsabre app as the best it has to offer makes you an idiot. And ridiculing the new video function which is more advanced than anything offered by most other handsets (in terms of editing and upload) renders any point you had worthless. You don't have to be a fan of the iphone, but at least recognise that they've improved the user experience.
  • Mr L.
    Yeah, be told y'all. The iPhone is the shizznit no mistake.. bring on Turrican!!!
  • Anon
    iPhone is for people that 'think' they are quite technical, and want to prove this by buying a iPhone 'smartphone' - one can argue if it is really a smartphone; no multitasking really is a massive let down, and those who come from the likes of the dumb phones like Toccos, Nokia S40, Samsungs etc. will not know the difference. Clearly deluded in their desire to look really 'clever' with their iPhone. iPhone has no doubt taken user experience to another level, however having the whole sytem virtually closed to outside developers (unless they have strict approval from Apple), really makes people feel like children again and feel like they are not allowed to mess with the iPhone internals otherwise they will get no supper. Hundreds of applications have been available for Nokia phones way before Apple re-introduced them. A comadore emulator???? Try the N95 8GB running Quake 3.
  • bykergrove
    lawls Paul Smith put your ihandbag down and untwist your iknickers. user experience is what apple does excell in but as I can complete a sodoku i prefer to have the flexibility of WM devices even if it is a little iharder. kthanxbai
  • pauski
    How much is the itransplant apps? Seem's to me PS needs one of those new fangle ibrains.
  • Bwah h.
    Wow Bomb Jack. No more hanging around the video library for me anymore!
  • Commodore B.
    [...] 64 is going to appear in shops to buy all over again, but this isn’t some emulator or iPhone app. This is a Commodore 64 with modern things inside [...]

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