Commercial Break: Stroke your mind's beard before texting leads to personal meltdown

Who amongst us has never sent a text message and then regretted it as soon as it’s gone? You know, ones like ‘can u bring a pint of milk home’ where you later realise that you needed a loaf of bread as well. Or ‘I’m shagging Alan – don’t contact me ever again.’

You need to think it over before you send what could prove to be an inflammatory message. That’s why James Lipton, desk-jockey of cult TV show ‘Inside The Actors Studio’ is loaning his beard to some teens who are keen to fire off an SMS without thinking.

A few seconds spent stroking the beard of this great and learned man and thinking about the consequences and they realise that, yes, they should put those texting fingers away and avoid catfights and pictures of their wing-wangs appearing on Twitter.


  • Nobby
    This is nothing new. How many regretable text messages did Jesus send? No wonder he had a beard.
  • Roberto
    What’s even worse is accidentally sending a text to the person the text was about. When texting was first released you were able to cancel sending a text up to a couple of seconds after clicking send. Now days its just gets sent without the ability to panic cancel.
  • The B.
    That bird in the last one suited his beard. BY THE POWER OF LIPTONSBEARD, I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!!

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