Commercial Break: Moat's got his work cut out as the woods goes wireless

We don’t know where Raoul Moat is right now, but as he’s a clued-up internet user, there’s a fair chance that he’s an avid Bitterwallet reader.

This Canadian Samsung ad shows him what he could be up against from the wildlife, if the pursuing cops weren’t enough to worry about. Deer with bluetooth Raoul, and they’re all conspiring against you.

You haven’t got a prayer mate. Give it up now.


  • craig
  • The B.
    What a shit advert, here have one of these courtesy of popbitch:
  • Raoul M.
    just been able to steal someones wifi and having a cheeky glance at my e-mail. Thanks for the laughs BW, I'm hoping to evade the coppers for a few more days!
  • doddsinator
    Great. Made me laugh anyway
  • ridge
    All these Raoul Moat jokes are not even RaoulMoatly funny.

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