Commercial Break: Lady Gaga, Beyonce and terrorist comedy

A film trailer is an advert isn’t it? Of course it is, so it’ll be a film trailer that we highlight in today’s Commercial Break.

It’s for Four Lions, the long-awaited Chris Morris Jihad comedy which includes scenes of taping a bomb on a crow and grown men plotting to blow up the Internet.

It’s only just appeared online in the past hour or so, so we haven’t been able to embed it into Bitterwallet. Click the picture below to see it.

Then, under that, you can watch the jaw-dropping new Lady Gaga and Beyonce video. That’s got some brief but noticeable Virgin Mobile product placement in it, which we think also makes it valid for Commercial Break.

Look, it’s Friday, relax eh?



  • ltbl
    Rocking the "This video is not available"
  • Andy D.
    Both working for me. Which one isn't working and where are you?
  • The B.
    I notice they blurred his penis.
  • pauski
    Just go to YouTube -
  • pauski
    - Funny
  • glee f.
    she has a very big...............................................nose

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