Commercial Break: It's The Sun wot's better than a iPhone! Not.

What’s better – a hand-held supercomputer that encompasses a phone, web browser, games machine, and multimedia player… or a copy of The Sun?

Hmm, tough one that, but the folks at The Sun seem convinced that their day-old-news-printed-on-dead-tree model is the superior one and have spoofed an iPhone ad in an attempt to make their point. As they say on the internet, ‘Fucking Massive Fail.’

The ad is part of The Sun’s 40th birthday celebrations. Odd that they’re not shouting from the rooftops about the fact that it’s 20 years since their post-Hillsborough cover story that accused Liverpool fans of picking the pockets of the disaster’s victims and pissing on policemen.

No mention either of the fact that it’s also 20 years since The Sun’s curious ‘Straight sex can’t give you AIDS – official’ headline. Hmm, odd that isn’t it?

So in a nutshell, old media completely fails to understand the power and versatility of new media and is made to look like your uncle trying to dance at a Depeche Mode gig. If you’ll excuse the terrible metaphor.


  • Squiggliespurt
    I like it. The iPhone can fuck off.
  • Amanda H.
    No baps on page 3?
  • Nobby
    I think it's a clever advert too. It doesn't make me want to buy the sun, but a good spoof advert.
  • Junkyard
    3D graphics? I must be missing them.
  • bitterwallet i.
    Great advert, shit blog.
  • your w.
    oh dear, bitterwallet, once known for pointing out where companies are well off the beat have themselves well off the beat. A great advert for a shit paper.
  • your w.
    oh and yep, they are def not 3d graphics unless you screw it up and throw it in the bin.
  • royal m.
    unfortunately this post has not arrived yet.
  • kyle
    Shit ad, fuck the sun! Utter utter scum
  • scouse
    Hmmm a shit phone or shit printed on paper by shit heads....... difficult choice.
  • Late
    Does the iPhone have "Dear Deidre"? Nope. That's a win for the Sun then... ;-)
  • Liverpool F.
    I love the sun and have it delivered to my door each weekday. I can't afford Saturday's edition. Great ad.
  • Monni
    # Posted by Liverpool Fan | December 1st, 2009 at 2:41 pm I love the sun and have it delivered to my door each weekday. I can’t afford Saturday’s edition. Great ad. Seriously you can go fuck yourself, its not big and its far from clever!
  • Carlos J.
    @ Monni, 100% agreed m8 @ Liverpool Fan, may you die a very slow and painful death
  • t
    Why are you saying "As they say on the internet"? You're on the fucking internet - fail
  • D
    Is it ironic I watched this on an iPhone.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] were going to feature this chortlesome promo yesterday as it was World AIDS Day but the infernal Sun iPhone spoof got there first instead. Still, it gives us all another chance to cast our minds back to that [...]
  • Mandy B.
    Shit ad, shit newspaper, shit phone. Bitterwallet, as they say on the internet, I <3 U.
  • Donald M.
    Has anyone here bought a jailbroken iphone off ebay? Will that phone allow me to use any network in the USA?

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