Commercial Break: Fanboys snake-charmed by alluring 'other phone'

Here’s Samsung, STICKING IT to Apple and the fanboys, showing a bunch of them queuing up for a stupid iPhone while nearby, a delightful young lady caresses her Samsung Galaxy II. The suggestion is that it’s a far superior phone and that the LONG QUEUE of wannabe iPhone users are all wrong, even though there’s loads of them and they’ve probably be queuing all night.

It’s a bit far-fetched, for no other reason than the fact that a group of iPhone fanboys would never approach and speak to an attractive woman.


  • br04dyz
    "It looks the same, how will people know I have upgraded..." - morons
  • Alexis
    The problem is that it takes the piss out of the 99.99% of iPhone users that aren't sad enough to queue outside the store. Funny how they aren't allowed to touch it. Probably because they'd realise it's made of recycled condoms instead of glass and metal.
  • samuri
    @Alexis ifanboi plonker
  • jah128
    Not sure about your maths there Alexis. What percentage of iPhone users are day 1 or week 1 buyers - or pre-orderers - its a pretty significant percentage. Sure not everyone of them can take the time off work to queue, but I bet there are plenty more that would if they could...
  • Rob
    Apple preorderers = bell ends ... simple science.

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