Commercial Break: A phone for cute fluffy creatures

Apparently, Samsung’s new S8300 UltraTouch phone thing is a thing of magisterial greatness, armed to the teeth with many of the wonderful features you’d expect like, well, a phone, a media player, games, a camera and all the other usual stuff.

But did you know that it also doubles up as a puppy photo booth, a road sign for guinea pigs and a control screen for an evil hedgehog? Well it does, along with much, much more.

Enjoy… unless you find over-cuteness gut-wrenching… in which case you’ll need something considerably larger than your shoe to be sick into.


  • The B.
    The hedgehog just had me cackling.
  • samw
    hahaha funny advert! I liked the desktop computer for bunny......all very cute :)

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