Coming soon - the tattoo that tells you when your phone's ringing

You can’t stop the future so don’t even think about trying. The latest potentially mind-blowing development that will turn our lives inside out and upside down is… a tattoo that will tell you when your phone is ringing. Oh yes.

Nokia have patented the idea and here’s the sciencey bit – it’s a ferromagnetic ink tattoo that will vibrate whenever a specific signal is sent to it from a phone. So not only will you know that your phone is ringing when your tramp stamp starts a-trembling, you’ll even be able to tell who’s calling you from a customized vibration programmed into the tattoo. Astonishing stuff.

Having said that, there’s approximately zero chance of any of us here at BW HQ wanting to sign up for such a thing – it’s madness cubed. If you’re still keen on it now that you’ve had a bit of a think about it all, here’s some pictures….


[Phone Arena]


  • Phil
    Someone in Nokia's R&D obviously wanted a bonus for getting the company a new patient (most companies do this) and just made this up. Doubt anyone would want or use it though!
  • Mr M.
    You've got a shit arm, and that's a crap tattoo... (In fairness all tattoos are crap)
  • Chewbacca
    People with tattoos = scum Truth.
  • Mike H.
    My phone usually tells me when someone is calling, by ringing.
  • confused c.
    I remember the days when only sailors and criminals had tatoos.
  • Mary H.
    What will they think of next? Vibrating clitoris piercings?!

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