Combining gameplay and iPhones - the iControlPad

For iPhone and iPod Touch users who love their games, this will be a dream come true. One of those lovely dreams you never want to end, like the one involving the Cadbury's Caramel bunny that you aren't too keen to tell your mates about.

It's the iControlPad developed by ZodTTD. Your iPhone slips into it, granting full gaming control at your nimble fingertips. The company will also be releasing the source code, so that developers can easily create compatible versions of their game apps.

No release date has been announced yet, or a price for that matter, but you can sign up for news through the ZodTTD site.



  • John D.
    oh my god! that is quake1, doh! i practically grew up with it. however no real pc gamer would ever attempt playing a shooter like quake without a mouse. handheld seem only good at platforms.
  • Andy
    that is pretty awesome.
  • Steve C.
    Too BIG. Makes the Iphone look ___
  • Gus
    WoW. I am going to spend over 300 quid to be able to play a game 15 years old on a mobile... even though I could play it in a computer found in a bin!
  • Yaser
    hasn't the iTreatment been created for mr jobs due to his lack of stimulus er illness
  • Now B.
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