Co-op launch 99p PAYG mobile service

co-op bank The Co-op have been having a bleak time, what with losing loads of money and being involved in drug scandals and the like. So, as well as turning some pubs into shops, they're hoping to revive their fortunes by getting in on some hot phone action.

The group have launched their own PAYG SIM card, where they'll piggyback on EE's network. It'll be launched in their stores across the country and is going to make bold claims about cheap national and international rates, especially if you are ringing someone else who also has a Co-op SIM.

One thing they won't do, like other services, is get extra pennies out of customers by rounding up calls to the nearest minute.

Vivian Woodell, founder and CEO of The Phone Co-op, says: "Up to now, consumers have been forced to accept that if you want to get very good national rates, you'll have to pay a lot for an international call, and vice versa, or that you'll be charged an arm and a leg for calling 0800 or 0845 numbers. Some providers have low 'headline rates' but then charge for a whole minute when you've just spoken for a few seconds."

"With The Co-operative Mobile that won't happen, and it's the combination of all these features that makes us so different. We're proving it's possible to have all these benefits in just one SIM card."

The Co-op SIM card will start from 99p.


  • peter m.
    i am interested in your new pay as you go sim to put 4 members of my family on the same net work can you send me details as to when it is being launched and how to get the sim cards
  • Isabel
    Hi Peter, You can get the SIM cards in your local Co-operative Food store for 99p. If you haven't seen them there yet, you can also get these SIM cards online by visiting or by phone 01608 434 434. I hope this helps :)

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