Carphone Warehouse sell 99p mobile... sorta...

alcatel_ot-209Remember a time when mobile phones were the size of your head and would cost you your yearly salary to use it for 5 seconds? No? That's probably because you were wise enough to get one a bit later when they weren't viewed as hideous yuppie gadgets.

All the same, mobile phones have come a very long since those days, with some getting smarter and others getting much cheaper.

And now, we've got the cheapest phone on the market with the Carphone Warehouse selling the Alcatel 0T-209 for a paltry 99p. Kinda.

Of course, you have to pay for your calls and texts - this isn't some magical one-off payment that allows those of you who still don't have a mobile phone to join the technological revolution. On top of the measly 99p, you have to buy £10 Virgin Mobile PAYG credit.

But that really is it. There's no catch as such.

Charles Dunstone, founder and chairman of Carphone Warehouse, yesterday said: "It is the cheapest phone we have ever sold!"

Of course, the phone itself is very basic and doesn't have any features that you should be thrilling about, but really, this is the sort of thing you could buy for your grandparents if you want them to have a phone, 'just in case'. Warning! If you think you can get away with buying your child one of these for Christmas, don't expect them to be grateful as they'll already be eyeing up smartphones. The shits.



  • PokeHerPete
    This is better than the iPhone.
  • Inspector G.
    I'm pretty sure they were selling 99p phones years ago, how is this new?
  • kelly_o_fanatic
    Considering I got a phone for £10.90 including £10 top-up a few weeks ago, and £7.50 cashback, this seems pretty crap to me! I got paid £6.60 to take the other phone!
  • Nobby
    Definately an iphone killer.
  • Virgin S.
    You had me up to "Virgin Mobile ".
  • Nutsack
    I'm running Google maps on this beauty.
  • noncrinkly
    About time they brought a basic phone out with decent sized buttons for the crinkleys - clas oulson where sellling somthing just as low tech for over £60 at one stage. whats the value on environphone cant be arsed looking
  • virgin r.
    hmmm its not bad for 99p and ac..thingy is quite good as i have one of those phones of the same brand but virgin? NO-WAY t-mobile is better

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