Carphone Warehouse play ball with PlayBook 'viral' video

Bitterwallet - Blackberry PlayBook tabletHave you bought your BlackBerry PlayBook yet? Of course you haven't.

Maybe you're waiting for BlackBerry to get around to adding email capabilitity to the new tablet, or perhaps the lack of confidence from retailers has put you off. When O2 makes a point of telling customers it won't be selling the device because "unfortunately there are some issues with the end to end customer experience," you know there's something amiss.

The PlayBook's lukewarm reception is evidence of parent company RIM's increasingly turbulent trading. Sales are slowing down and job losses are imminent - leading gossips to hysterically conclude Microsoft will buy up the company.

Still, some have faith in the PlayBook; it's received positive reviews from many quarters and not all retailers have abandoned it - like the Carphone Warehouse, for example. They're confident that the PlayBook will be a must-have product; that's why everyone is watching their wacky viral video that is going viral everywhere!

What do you mean, 'it hasn't gone viral'? It's not for the want of trying, sadly:

I am the Seeding Manager at TVF in London.

I am contacting you as we are helping Carphone Warehouse to spread the new Blackberry Playbook viral video they have produced.

You can watch the video clicking the link below:

I hope you will like the video and you'll find it suitable for the audience of your blog.

Thank you.

If you haven't seen the Carphone Warehouse's viral video for the PlayBook yet, that's because it won't be going viral anytime soon. This is how you do viral advertising. Or this. Or this. Still, if you work for a marketing agency that firmly believes in the adage of throwing enough shit, please get in touch.


  • Alexis
    Seeding Manager? Surely your spam filter should have directed this straight into trash?
  • derby_k
    But...but...we want it to be 'viral'! Make it 'viral' won't you? Please??
  • Bill B.
    So by posting this, you've surely done what they want you to, you know, ah... forget it.
  • james
    i made a point of not clicking on the link...didn't want to give them the satisfaction of 1 more hit!
  • So a.
    I started watching (because I'm genuinely interested) but had to stop after a few seconds, it was complete unwatchable drivel, crap, garbage, not even bad in a funny way just sad and pathetic. CPW have shown themselves as twats of the portable gadget retail industry. If they have any sense they should pull this before too much damage is done. I'll have to go watch "love your vagina" again to cheer myself up.
  • ShaunnyBwoy
    As viral as an STD from a priest.

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