Carphone Warehouse - "no price cuts" for Orange iPhone

Anybody waiting for Orange and Vodafone to get stuck into a price war with O2 over the iPhone may be in for a long wait. Or it could just be the Carphone Warehouse attempting mind tricks in order to get their customers to renew their contracts early. We've now heard from two Bitterwallet readers that Orange will be fixing their tariffs at the same levels as O2. Here's was Helen told us:

"Carphone Warehouse have just been on the phone asking me to upgrade. I explained that I was waiting to see what Orange's tariffs were for the iPhone. They're saying that as they were Carphone Warehouse, they have been advised by Orange that the tariffs will be the same! And that I might as well go ahead."

Now it does seem very unlikely that a second party would charge the same for a product as the only other supplier, but then Orange would be likely to take a reasonable share of the market regardless. By advertising the fact they stock it, consumers will choose between O2 and Orange, and therefore it's likely Orange will fare well by simply being an alternative to O2, rather than having to compete on price.

It's equally, if not more likely that Carphone Warehouse simply want the customers to upgrade and renew their contract now, and will say anything to get their commission. We'll find out soon enough; Orange is due to launch the iPhone before Christmas.


  • Michael
    If the networks are still subsidising the cost of the handset, any talk of a "price war" is extremely premature in my view. From what I can gather, the likes of Orange and Vodafone see the iPhone primarily as a way of stopping customers leaving to O2, with using the iPhone to attract new customers a secondary concern. If that is the case, there is no cause to drop prices when they are offering the same handset as their rivals at the same price. Customers are more likely to take the easier option of sticking with their current supplier. The iPhone is still a desirable product with heavy demand (and Orange and Voda are both likely to have stocking issues in the early stages). There's no obvious reason for a price war to commence.
  • Scott w.
    They will tell you anything to get you to renew they told me a week before the 3Gs was released that there would be no new iphones this year!
  • Tom P.
    CPW telling porkies? It's like the Pope denying he doesn't wear frilly pink undies under his vestment.
  • Paddy
    CPW are cunts of the highest order. Don't believe a word that comes out of their mouths. In fact, don't step foot inside a CPW ever.
  • ben
    I was in one yesterday asking about the orange prices and they said they didn't know anything and wont know anything until they are released to orange.
  • Matt. S.
    the point surely is that if orange do a special iphone tarrif like o2 do, then you might not want to be stuck in a different one. also i mean you don't wanna start a new contract and get a new phone that you don't want a month before hand. you'd then have to sell it and buy an iphone payg and ugh. so yeah the guy was being an idiot and obviously just trying to get his comission.
  • Unknown
    How can you base an article on one persons upgrade experience with CPW?!
  • lucie
    don't believe a word of it! i phone prices are set to tumble esp in new year when voda enters market
  • Paul S.
    @Unknown - it's not. It's based on two customer's experience. Read the words in the article.
  • Apple b.
    Yet another well researched bitterwallet story - they just keep coming lol Bitterwallet claim to be Apple fan boys - if they were then they would know that people that sell Apple have to agree to Apples pricing structure - most retailers dont actually get a choice in the matter or apple withdraw their products from that company simple as. Certain retailers negotiate special rates but its only in an extremely small minority of cases. Hence when you shop around for apple stuff its always the same price. Thats why you see retailers offering free case when bought with, or free itunes card - they fear losing the prodcut completely if its not set at apples price - this will apply exactly the same to the Iphone, Anyone thinking that it was going to be priced any different is seriously deluding themselves irrespective of who starts selling them, Orange, Vodafone, wont make the slighest bit of difference
  • cheapskate
    I hate Apple
  • Boris J.
    I agree with Paddy, carphone warehouse are thieving cunts don't believe anything they say!
  • bigjok
    what a lovely turn of phrase by paddy and boris johnson, ive shopped with carphone for many years and ive had no major issues. my local store are always happy to help, in terms of the iphone, there certainly wont be a price war, orange have stated that themselves and will battle over things such as superior 3g coverage not by massive cost cutting.
  • oliverreed
    @bigjok "ive shopped with carphone for many years and ive had no major issues. my local store are always happy to help" I wonder why @ £15 a charger OR battery.... bargain eh!? I'll bet they even inform you or cheap insurance policies to protect your interests......
  • Brian
    I've got an iPhone, so this article has been a waste of 35 minutes reading it (yes, i'm a slow reader due to abuse at school)
  • Jayne
    CPW are shite, happy to smile and give you a new contract and phone, but when you have problems with the handset, or the actual branch, the smiles disappear and they suddenly become very uninterested. I took a new contract out with them beginning of this year rather than upgrading with orange direct, and it was the worst decision i have ever made. I would never use them again, even if it meant never being able to get a contract again, i would rather have the expense and go payg than use them again. They are only happy when they are receiving the commission but dont want to help when you have a problem, even 10 hours (yes HOURS) into the contract. Very dissatisfied.
  • lobototron
    I have extensive experience of CPW. "Cunts" does indeed go some way to describing their approach.
  • TruthHurts
    I think calling them "cunts" is being polite. They are motherfooking cunts ! CPW make up stuff when they don't know the answer but when they've sold it to you your fooked. I have fell into this trap a couple of times ... Never use them again. Good luck to those of you who do use CPW ! PS My next phone is HTC Hero !
  • Hang o.
    Hang on a min. I work for CPW, I take great pride in my work and deal with 100's of customers a day, sorting out their issues and worries. It is a shame that such a large company can have its entire reputation based on a few calls from our outbound sales teams. In customer services we work hard to please our customers and put in long hours. If any of you who are upset by past experiences are willing to let us try to resolve your issues, I challenge you to give us a chance. And please, I'm sure many of you work for companies that I could complain about, and I may call your company rubbish, but I would never lower myself to calling all of your companies staff names (including you who probably take pride in your work). Tarring 1000's of people as “cunts” "motherfooking cunts" "thieving cunts" is hardly fair. If you are willing for us to try to help you out please visit
  • Paddy
    I'm a serving member of HM Forces-just try and call us names and we'll bomb you out of existance (I'm joking btw-we'd torture you instead). CPW are the Fiat of the Telecoms sector. Decent customer service is an alien concept to CPW. I gave CPW several opportunities to correct their shitty approach to ensuring customers were treated properly however they never did so. Wifey to be has had nothing but trouble with them as well so it seems nothing has changed. CPW in Macarthur Glen shopping centre near Bridgend has given her nothing but grief. I will NEVER step foot in a CPW ever again or even visit their website. I'll take my business elsewhere.
  • Matt
    My recent experience of CPW customer service, I'm afraid is possibly the worst I have ever experienced. I was supplied with 9 (yes 9) replacement iPhone 3GS's, all having cracks in the plastic, excluding the iPhones that were open in store with the same problem. I finally gave up the ghost and CPW advised me to cancel the contract and they would pay the early termination fee. The 9th iPhone went back to a local store and 2 weeks later, I received a bill for £750 from O2. I called CPW to ask when they would settle this, only to be told, 'we have no information on our systems showing that we agreed to the EFT, sorry'. After 2 months of calling CPW and O2 (who were very helpful), letters from a Debt Recovery company I finally received a cheque for the full amount, however I have a marker from O2 on my credit file which CPW cannot help with - their way of an apology is a cheque for £15. I can't remember how many calls I made to CPW, leaving messages with their second line customer complaints line without one call being returned. In the past 15 years, I have had direct contracts with O2, 3, Orange and T-Mobile and have been happy with the level of advice and support but the decision to use CPW on my last contract was one I'll never make again. As stated in earlier posts, CPW have helpful and friendly at point of sale, but anything beyond this is a joke - I was even told by a CPW advisor that in all his time with CPW he had never seen an ETF paid by CPW and would not see it happening in future and even disagreed when I advised him I had an e-mail from CPW agreeing to pay it - he literally told me I was a liar! My advice, stay clear of CPW.
  • Hacks U.
    Hey listen Fuck the iphone, you're all missing the important fact here, that TopMan and Burtons are basically only being kept afloat by the young go-getter mobile phone salesmen from CPW and Phones4 buying their first "sharp" suits. @ Hang on You work for CPW, hence you and Charles are cunts and can suck my plums. Its not hard to do good customer service while you're trying to tie some poor bastard down to a 2 year contract on the latest LG Chocolate Cookie wank-phone so that you can spend your commission down the local cattle market. True customer service begins AFTER the sale has taken place. On this, CPW and all the rest are fucking clueless.
  • ButterMan
    1) CPW don't pay comission to sales staff 2) iPhone will be priced and tariffed identically on both O2 and Orange, with 1 exception (that really doesn't matter)
  • Dan
    CPW might not start a price war but im sure Phones4u will discount the sh*t out of it after a few months. Granted initially they won't be able to touch the price but a few months down the line and you'll see the price dropping through Phones4u
  • ButterMan
    What makes you think Phones4U are allowed to drop the price? If I were Apple I'd be reading up on the Treaty of Rome.
  • Cooncrete M.
    I went to CPW about a year ago with my old Sony ericsson looking to upgrade my phone for the next update SE phone. The ones they had on the shelf were not really up to much and when i asked if there was any news of SE releasing a new model i was told no. The talked me into getting the Samsung soul and i have hated every bit of the phone, they even sold me there insurance for the TWO phones i took out for me and my wife which was costing me £35 A MONTH EACH PHONE!!!! Then a fortnight later i see a advert on the TV for the new top of the range SE C950 i was totally gutted and felt robbed by CPW they just wanted the sale out of me. My contract with orange doesnt end untill February but i am eligible for an upgrade in the middle of November which im anxiously waiting for the BIG re-lease of the IPHONE on Orange. Its going to be ace and 02 are going to be who2? Orange will lead the mobile phone monopoly with their 3G coverage and fantastic service and tarriffs...
  • concreteman
    my post name was supposed to be concreteman and not cooncrete man...Whoops!
  • Dan
    Phones4u will drop the price by giving away some of their own profit to the customer. so apple wont necessarily lose money but the price will still go down.
  • I o.
    Butterman, CPW don't pay commission?! I work with a former cpw employee who told me that they wouldn't close their store and would work unpaid until they had made the days target in order to get their commission!!! The real enemy is not the staff but CPW who pay students and school leavers a pittance to work for them and encourage them to sell, sell, sell in order to take home something that looks like a half decent paycheck. This is based on the whole store doing well so everyone is on the rob with even the good eggs being corrupted by the idea of a few extra pennies to spend in hennes. As for the o2, orange pricewar. Orange has far superior customer service I left 02 4 years ago to join them after having a similar experience as concreteman. Customer service will always triumph!
  • mike
    of course they'll be a price war! orange will lower the price to get more people away from o2, first few months free on the contract etc
  • Alan
    I would have thought that if there were no difference in tarriffs etc. between O2/Orange and later Vodafone then the competition commision might have something to say about that? You know what with price fixing being illegal and all.
  • CPW B.
    [...] follow-up to a story we ran earlier this week, concerning Carphone Warehouse telling customers that tariffs for the upcoming iPhone release on Orange were fixed to match O2. At the time we’d heard from two individual readers who had spoke to Carphone Warehouse; [...]
  • iPhone P.
    [...] the beginning of some price competition over the device, which is even better news…  Whilst Orange and Vodafone have both hinted that they’ll be aiming to match O2’s current pricing, 3 have always been more aggressive in [...]
  • Matt D.
    Orange announce iphone tariffs and the £35-£75 tariffs match O2 in mins/sms and the price of the device. Really disappointed
  • Orange B.
    [...] transpired. In fact, when we first told you that the Carphone Warehouse was advising customers that Orange iphone tariffs were fixed to match O2, we were pretty much on the money. Not only that, Orange have some very interesting restrictions on [...]
  • Orange 2.
    [...] Originally Posted by russdev No but price is a set by apple not by phone company. Russ So Apple are the only company that dictates the price? Carphone Warehouse – “no price cuts” for Orange iPhone | BitterWallet [...]
  • Bob
    Just look at this link officially from orange. This proves just how much much of a rip they are. Price war ?? I think not !!!!!
  • Bob
  • Darren
    I've contacted orange to upgarde my old nokia to an I phone. i wanted the £35 tariff bur with unlimited text thrown in free. i was told that apple had set the tariff and they couldn't change the bundle. I argued that it wouldn't be apple that was funding the extra text but orange. I didn't think i was aking for two musch as I have broadband with orange and already have unlimited text. I was prepared to pay for the phone but just wanted the same tariff I have with my nokia. Eventually they said i could have unlimited text for £7 extra a month. So wasn't strickly true that they can't adjust the bundle. Are apple fixing the prices? what's the deal between Apple and orange?
  • Cpw
    Oh you people that have a go at CPW are fools! Any big company will always have dissatisfied customers. Every company, in every country will have someone who had had a bad experience, but fortunately that's the minority. Why I could find problems with HM forces, in fact I've had many a dealings with them and their beaurocracy and red tape is enough to send you mad! There will never be a price war with the iPhone. There wasn't on the 3GS and there won't be on the 4. To the man the had 9 iPhones replaced, don't you think that maybe the manufactures fault and not CPW. So stop all fucking winging about cpw, as without them there wouldn't be a cheap phones for you lot. If you want to blame someone, blame the bloody networks for bringing out so many tariffs (10,000) per handset and confusing the fuck out of everyone just to get your business and when you want to cancel your contract blame them again as it's them who won't let you cancel not cpw. Now get a fucking life, put your priorities in order and stop winging about a fucking phone! There are more important things in life like living in a free democratic society and not dying of something out of your control!
  • Miami C.
    I like this post. Keep it coming.

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