Carphone Warehouse launch music-filled cloud into sky


Another week brings another modern method of listening to music, and this one comes courtesy of the Carphone Warehouse.

They’re calling it Music Anywhere (part of their 'My Hub' thingy) and it’s a ‘cloud’-type affair, allowing to access your existing music library wherever you are (as long as there’s a decent internet connection) for just £29.99 per year.

How it works is thus: Music Anywhere creates a duplicate of your iTunes or Windows Media Player music library in the ‘cloud’ and when you select any given track (say, Fernando by Abba) it scours its own database of six million tracks and lets you listen to a streamed version of it wherever you might be.

Carphone Warehouse claim that if a song can’t be found in the Music Anywhere archive, a digital copy of the song or recording is made and automatically added to the user’s online account.

A series of Music Anywhere apps have been created for practically the full gamut of iPhones that will store the 500 most-played songs in your account and store them on your phone, so that you can play them anytime you like.

But you could face a slap on the wrist if your music collection is filled with naughty, pirated music. Catch Media, who power the service, have said that: “In extreme cases where it becomes apparent that most of a person’s music collection has in fact been pirated", their subscription to the Music Anywhere service could be terminated.


  • james d.
    what self respecting pirate would pay for this
  • Jonny S.
  • PaulH
    “In extreme cases where it becomes apparent that most of a person’s music collection has in fact been pirated” How will they know if it's pirated? Also they can go suck an egg
  • Nobby
    I am also working on a music delivery service called Music Anywhere and will be going on Dragon's Den soon. For £49.99 a year, whenever you think of a song, a black guy in your vicinity starts singing it. There are two problems at the moment. 1) I don't know any blacks. 2) Apparently if they work for me, I have to pay them. Whatever happened to the good old days?
  • Adebisi
    @Nobby - what a racist thing to say, not all black people can sing!
  • Nobby
    @ Adebisi - that's true, but they will be used for modern music, or "pop" music as many people call it these days. You don't need to be able to sing for that.
  • Adebisi
    @Nobby - very true and they all can dance
  • dunfyboy
    I prefix all my music files with "PIRATED COPY" so no use to me.
  • Andyrew
    Why would anyone pay for this when Mecanto does the same thing for free. It also had a free app for Android and a £2 app for iphone so you can listen on the move.

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