Carphone Warehouse in HUGE data breach - up to 2.4m details accessed

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 16.11.15 The mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has today announced that they've suffered a huge data breach which could lead to the accessing of up to 2.4m of their customers information.

Following the breach, the company has investigated and found that the details accessed could have included names, addresses, dates of birth and bank details.

This includes up to 90,000 customers who have also had their encrypted credit card information accessed.

Sebastian James, chief executive of the retailer's owner, Dixons Carphone, said:

We are, of course, informing anyone that may have been affected, and have put in place additional security measures. We take the security of customer data extremely seriously, and we are very sorry that people have been affected by this attack on our systems.

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  • Tracey
    companies should be taking more care with our personal details it's not them that have to deal with the consequences if the people that have stole our details use them fraudulently
  • Louise
    I emailed the Talktalk CEO after a recent "Talktalk" scam phone call - being a cynic I led the "Talktalk" rep who called me a merry dance, but stopped in my tracks when this scammer rattled off my name, address, phone number, even my Talktalk Account Number as "proof" of being legitimate. The reply I got from the company was, more or less, that it's par for the course and that every large company has to deal with these data breaches, that they are common but not much to worry about, as the intention is to phish customer's financial details. Not that he didn't take my complaint seriously but the assumption was, that because these scammers trick you into a false sense of security by only having "some" data about each customer, they can then easily get your bank account details from you. Not good, and I get the feeling companies don't do enough to deter these people. Cheap outsourcing - pay peanuts, get monkeys.
  • Cheesey
    Maybe they should call their KnowHow guys or install some overpriced McAfee/Norton products...
  • Rob
    Aaaah Car Phone Warehouse (best patronising Irish accent....) I seem to remember Talk Talk being the Consistently Worst for Customer or Not Customer Service for many many years.....then moving on to Earlier this year and a scam of leaked customer data - as extensively reported in The Guardian & the response from Car Phone Warehouse....Talk described above from previous comment.....Ummmm & Arghhhhhhh....&.........Erm..... This is soooo why I would Never take anything from this Company - its Customer Service Reputataion goes before it.....Oh I nearly forgot look at Guardian from 5 yrs ago and the Trading Standards Officer - Steve Playle - had an issue with C.P.W. - YOU WOULDNT MESS WITH A TRADING STANDARDS OFFICER WOULD YOU?.....anyway CPW DID.....& Steve took them to the Small Claims Court.........Trading Standards(consumer) 1 C.P.W. 0........ I AVOID....
  • Jordan
    So .... Is there someone I can contact about this? CPW do all they can to avoid talking to their customers.
  • IP F.
    Who buys from Carphone Warehouse anyway - they're overpriced and you always get a better deal by threatening to quit your existing provider anyway. Lame, waste of time and hopefully will end up like Phones 4 U - no more.
  • Rob
    Note to Jordan - is there someone I can contact about this...... "So" there is indeed - contact the Information Commissioners Office - contact details on the web search I.C.O. or Data Protection Act takes you to the same place - very helpful & why don't you put a Formal Complaint in to the I.C.O. - Better still put a WRITTEN LETTER SENT VIA RECORDED DELIVERY - Not Email (you can see when and by who received your letter with Recorded Delivery) asking for Remuneration for the Breach of Your Customer Data - they have a Data Protection Officer (address it to Data Protection Officer) I'd ask for £100 they should easily pay especially when those responsible for your Personal Data Fail (as is the case here) Oh and mention the fact that Financial Penalties of up to £500,000 & Custodial Sentence of up to Six Months can be given by the I.C.O. to those (Data Protection Officer)who fail to operate within the Legal Requirements of the D.P.A. - I suggest leaking your data is such a breach....go on do it its a lovely feeling to be Paid by those who Fail......Rob
  • Jessie J.
    Carphone Clusterfuck. Do it like a dude.

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