Cancel your T-Mobile contract - Ofcom still considering action

It may seem like the T-Mobile debacle is but a fading memory, with the mobile operator stonewalling any customer who pointed out their behaviour over increasing international roaming charges was, in a word, wrong. Their terms of service deliberately tied customers up in knots, and despite roaming charges clearly been included in a customer's agreement with T-Mobile, they were excluded from critical termination clauses by clever penmanship.

But here's something of interest - an official response from Ofcom sent just a few hours ago, to a Bitterwallet reader who used the letter templates we provided last month. Yes, it's still rumbling on - especially at the top of the food chain:

"We are aware of these changes and are looking into the matter to determine whether any further action is appropriate.

"In relation to your specific individual complaint, if you believe that the changes will cause a substantial increase in your bill (and thus a ‘material detriment’); you should raise this directly with T-Mobile.

"T-Mobile should consider this complaint and, if they agree that it will result in material detriment, should allow you to leave the contract without penalty. If T-Mobile refuses to offer this and you still believe material detriment will occur, you should follow T-Mobile’s complaints procedure in their code of practice. This is available through T-Mobile’s website at:

"If the changes will not impact on your bill i.e. you rarely travel abroad, T-Mobile can hold you to the existing terms and conditions."

A couple of points to take from this:

- the regulator is still investigating the matter, even though it's well over a month since T-Mobile announced the increases in roaming charges. Why so long, Ofcom?

- the inference in the final line is that if the new charges will cause material detriment, then in Ofcom's opinion T-Mobile can't hold you to the existing terms and conditions.

Does this mean the regulator is on the side of those who will be screwed into the floor by the changes? A decision over the possibility of further action would no doubt clarify matters. We'll be in touch with Ofcom shortly and let you know.


  • raj
    Typical Ofcom: SLOW. T-Mobile refuse to cancel contracts even after fully following their whole complaints procedure. How can anyone determine if they “rarely travel abroad”, any change of circumstance may mean someone would take unplanned / extra traveling abroad. Sounds like Ofcom are trying to ask you to predict the future…
  • Mango
    I got this letter too, doesn't really help anyone. T-Mobile still refuse to cancel my contract, they just say their terms allow them to change charges of additional services. NO mention of material detriment. They are not following any Ofcom guidence relating to this.
  • Mewling P.
    You rarely travel abroad if you rarely travel abroad. Don't be such a child! If your circumstances change after you've agreed to the terms and conditions ie. not cancelled your contract by a legal means, then you're stuck with it. If your circumstances don't change, stop being a self-centered, money-hungry, prick-gorging, self-serving cunt and shut up and stick to the contract that you agreed to in the first place. After all, you did agree to it, and it is currently being upheld. If it was not, Ofcom would be all over it immediately. Ofcom slow? Maybe you'd like to take over as the head of Ofcom's legal department and have to deal with hundreds of different laws that apply to any individual set of circumstances, rather than looking at that fucking pointy thing just below your eyes, otherwise known as your nose. You lot make me sick with your incessant whining about how you're not being treated fairly. If that was really true, you'd end the contract as cheaply as possible (even if that meants seeing it through to it's term), and you'd NEVER get another contract. But what you'll actually do is forget about this in a couple of weeks and get more contracts for more shit that doesn't make you any happier, or change the fact that YES YOU ARE GOING TO DIE SOME DAY. Fucking grow up, you mewling pricks.
  • Phone E.
    Working for a Phone company I just want to say did anyone realise that when you sign a 18 or 24 month contract, your contracted for 18 or 24 months?? I have lots of customers saying networks are "shafting" them on these lengthy contracts but when I suggest to them it is actually possible to get a 12 month contract by spending no extra (Only getting our home broadband) its like I actually spat in the mothers face!!! Consumers are afforded rights but unless your actually wronged you should be grateful you got credit to get a contract phone!
  • NC s.
    "Mewling Prick" you are Bill Hicks and I claim my £20
  • Patrick
    @ mewling prick. Im sorry who made you God? Christ someone's got their knickers in a twist aye. If people can find an easy way out why not try and pursue it. Now calm down and have a cup of cocoa.
  • Warped H.
    @ mewling prick...twat!
  • Shooter M.
    @ Phone Employee...twat too
  • Brian
    iPhone & O2, get in there.
  • Decron
    @Shooter McGavin - Phone Employee has several good points. If you work in retail you see no end of people trying it on despite the fact ALL the facts, t's &c's are on a plate for them. 6 months later when they are stood in front of you with a knackered phone which looks like it's been through a blender quoting SOGA about not fit for purpose you really begin to see that they are all Mewling Pricks. Or indeed just a virus with shoes.
  • Mewling P.
    I likes to suck on da dicky.
  • lol
    u p4u people are like leeches.... ewww ur down there on chav level. lol.
  • whatever
    @lol Don't go into a P4U store then fucking twat.
  • Joe
    Its easy for the mobile networks to implement a system where only new customers receive the new terms and conditions and not to current customers with contracts. Multi million pound companies should be able to do that with little problem. The thing is.... they don't. They know that 99% of customers won't try to break their contract over new terms and conditions - not everyone reads these type of websites daily and they know they stand to profit if 95% of people pay the new increased price. They can easily get away with it. Its just up to the 5% to get what they deserve, the ability to not agree the increased prices compared to what they signed up for.
  • Mango
    Mewling Prick: You give me so much i'm even more determined to go all the way and cancel my T-Mobile contract, haha!
  • Stephen H.
    Mewling Prick = berk
  • MICK
  • Pissed O.
    @ phone Employee I'd quite happily spit in your mother face if i take pr
  • Pissed O.
    I’d quite happily spit in your mothers face if i take out your shitty broadband! Cunt
  • idiots...
    phones 4 u staff ARE leeches people trying to end their contract who arent even affected ARE cocksuckers 02 broadband rocks,i pay £1 a month for unlimited downloads and a 20mb connection
  • T-Mug
    @ idiots... YOUR the IDIOT! T-mobile ARE cocksuckers (probably sucking yoursright now) @ Pissed Off very true - everything of t-mobile is shitty @ everyone t-mobile are going to loose this, and everyone will get out of contract, just a matter of time
  • iPhoner
    @ T-Mug *You're* ("you are") the idiot.
  • idiots...
    @T-Mug I am with o2 and have an iphone. Your stuck with your shity t-mobile contract guarenteed, if your not capable of following through on a contract, dont get one!
  • T-Mug
    @ iPhoner lol thats true! too much rage in my while i was typing that!
  • T-Mug
    @ iPhoner lol thats true! too much rage in me while i was typing that
    @ Mewling Prick. Mate, you are full of shit!!! That is the most useless piece of crap I've read in a while. What is wrong with someone trying to stand up for their rights as a consumer? Big companies like T-mobile feel they can screw people over and get a way with it. Quite frankly they always almost do because for the most part, people do not bother to take them on. Very few people with their heads properly screwed on, like Mango and Raj try to stand up to these companies but are very often fraustrated by these companies. OFCOM and useless cunts like your useless self. A contract is a contract and no one is complaining about that. Everyone is aware of the length of time they "enslave" themselves to, and are happy to keep paying through the nose for the whole duration. What right thinking people find unfair is when companies suddenly shift the goal post under the guise of their "right to change terms and conditions". The bottomline is that if these changes affect customers financially, negatively or in a manner contrary to the terms they signed up for, then we also have a legitimate right to complain and even get out of the contract as OFCOM is struggling to point out. Whether someone travels regularly or rarely should not be the issue. Even if you went on holiday abroad for a week or two, you could possible rack up a huge bill which may not have been the case if the original terms had not been breached by T-mobile. What the fuck is your problem anyway? U retarded or something. If you dont get the point of blogs such as these then go back to watching Jeremy Kyle you scumbag.
  • Nirave
    Hi guys Right, (don't reply with no crap to this post... I'm in need of advice) I sent my letter off to T-mobile two weeks back and when I've been moving house recently, I've lost the little post office receipt with my tracking number on. They claim they haven't received my letter and now it's past the 30 day period. Any advice or am i f*cked? thanks
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I would like to make an official complaint to the owner(s) and staff of BitterWallet. The rude and abusive language used in this blog is not appropriate for a site which is read by my siblings, mother and stepfather (who has never "interfered" with me!)
  • Inactive
    Face it, Ofcomedy isn't run to serve the best needs of consumers, that is just a myth.
  • raj
    @ AVENGER Cheers for the support. Other people have no common sense!
  • Shooter M.
    @ Decron: if that's how you feel about customers, quit your job and get one befitting your clearly towering intellect. I'll be the first to throw 20p into your empty McDonald's coffee cup.
  • you t.
  • In f.
    @Avenger Mewling prick made sense to me mate. You wanna chill and stop taking everything so personally. He obviously wound you up with something he said. Maybe it was the fact that it's obvious you're gay. I dunno. Do you?
    I guess there's so much turd "in your face" that you cant even read or see what you write so I'll let you off. But just a quick one, I'm not gay and dont think there's anything wrong with those who are. What I am mose concerned about is immature and ignorant tossers like you. Such a shame you cant do anything about it....I guess you are enjoying the half-term break? No school, no homework and better still no parents at home to supervise you and the other kids. Anyhoo, I've got work to do "in your face"!!

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