Cancel your Orange contract - no answers, plenty of questions

UPDATE 12/08: Orange has now scrapped the ToS change following consumer upset and cancellations. Read full update and official statement here.

UPDATE 10/8: Ofcom have now responded to Bitterwallet's request for a statement on the current situation. You can read it here.

What's going on, then? Can you cancel your Orange contract or not? By their own terms and conditions, the answer is yes. If you call them however, the answer will be yes, maybe or absolutely not - although this may change throughout the duration of the call. There's no consistency in the reasons given either way. The whole thing is a mess and Orange are tying themselves in knots as they try to fob off their customers.

We've spoken to the Executive Office at Orange, and were told that customers must be eligible under specific criteria if they wish to cancel, although the office wasn't aware of what the criteria were. They said the retentions department are working off a spreadsheet that states whether a customer is eligible or not. When we asked where these criteria were recorded in the customer contract or Orange's Terms of Service, we were told they weren't, although that we should be aware that while customers are eligible to cancel under the terms and conditions (!) Orange are simply raising their call charges in line with other networks.

So on the one hand customers are eligible to cancel, but on the other it's only if Orange wants to let them. That pretty much sums up where we are at the moment. We're waiting to hear back from Orange for an official statement, and we've also asked Ofcom to comment too, given that operators are telling customers that Ofcom have rubber-stamped the changes.

We'll let you know when we hear back from either one, but in the meantime there is action you can take now. If you want to cancel but have so far been refused, please take note:

  • if you're getting nowhere with customer services, call Orange's executive office on 08000 790 134. Explain that regardless of your current usage, the changes Orange are making are outside of your plan, therefore you have a legal right to cancel and you are formally stating your refusal to accept the new Terms of Service. The customer service team here cannot help you - they'll refer you to the retentions department - but it means you are formally stating your refusal to agree to the terms (thanks to Kernal). As always, remain calm and polite.
  • call Ofcom's advisory team on 020 7981 3040 or 0300 123 3333. They will only offer advice on the matter, give you a reference number and most likely refer you to CISAS - an independent dispute resolution service. Regardless, register your complaint with Ofcom - they are more likely to investigate the matter if they feel there is a widespread issue.

Meanwhile, here are four questions we'd like Orange to answer:

Why did an Orange spokesperson go on the record and say all customers have the right to cancel?

Orange seemingly has a very short memory. Mobile News reported on this story at the end of July, which included this quote from an Orange spokesperson:

"Orange has increased its minimum call charge from 5p to 15p. So what this means is that if you go over your inclusive minutes, the first minute is now 15p and any other minute of that same call is as per your current out-of-bundle rates.

"Whilst our terms and conditions do allow customers to terminate their contract as a result of this change, we are confident that the majority of our customers will not be affected by this because of the nature of their talk plans and their usage."

So let's be clear on this: an Orange spokesperson told the press the majority of customers will not be affected because of their usage, but that the terms and conditions allow them to terminate their contract as a result.

We've spoke to Mobile News, and the quote is solid - these are Orange's own words. Are they attempting to reverse course because the changes have been highlighted by the likes of Bitterwallet and MSE, and so many people are attempting to cancel?

What's the deal with all this talk of lawyers and legal teams?

If this is a straight-forward change to Orange's agreed Terms of Service, why are the lawyers involved?

"I rang back to orange yesterday who said that they had had advice from their legal department saying that if I had not gone over my minutes in the previous 3 months I was no longer allowed to cancel and had to automatically accept the new terms and conditions." Laura

"Their legal team has looked through it and if you haven’t exceeded your allowance in the last 3 months from the date of the sent text then you can’t cancel. Apparently its been passed by Ofcom too." Aaron

"I went through all the points above very clearly and got in to a heated debate with Sue in the loyalty team who was as rude as she could possibly be and point blank refused to cancel the contract stating that their legal team have consulted with Ofcom who have advised them that they don’t have to cancel any contracts." Lewis

"After talking to 2 advisers and then a manager and literally being talked over, by a very angry manager, they flat out refused to cancel and told me if i wanted i had to talk to OFCOM or seek legal advice i should do so." Adam

"I called today, and was told be the representative to seek legal advice, and get my solicitor to contact the legal team at Orange.....!! Another lied saying it was only 08 numbers affected, and I did not qualify to cancel." Nigel

Orange are quoted as stating their legal team came up with the original text message informing particular customers can cancel, that the legal team have instructed operators that they can deny a customer's request to cancel, that the legal team have had the changes rubber-stamped by Ofcom.

If the changes weren't ambiguous or controversial, why are customer services spending so much time quoting the legal team? More to the point, why did the lawyers come up with the idea to send a text to customers to validate their right to cancel, but then instruct operators that even these customers aren't necessarily eligible? What's changed? Have the goalposts been moved because too many customers want out? Do Orange realise that all of this suggests they're making up policy as they go along?

Why did Orange cancel Lewis Roberts' contract?

Lewis is a reader of Bitterwallet and has posted several times about his valiant efforts to cancel. He contacted customer services on multiple occasions and wasn't allowed to terminate his contract, despite receiving the text informing him of the changes. Lewis sent a stern email to Orange and on Saturday afternoon customer services called him:

I was transferred to the retentions team again and told the same thing about eligibility AGAIN but I started at the top and very calmly spelled out the terms and conditions again and this time after another few minutes on hold the CS rep said yeah, OK, you will be affected so I’ll issue your PAC and it’ll be with you in 3-5 days!?

It isn't just Lewis that has suffered this inconsistency in Orange's behaviour - our comments cite dozens of examples of Orange changing their stance. They have not demonstrated once that they are aware of the details of their own contracts, consumer law or their own policy concerning this matter.

Are Orange aware that their actions are against the law?

Last year, new regulations came into force to protect consumers. They have the rather literal title of The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. Quite simply, the regulations set out "the maximum level of restriction permissible in respect of unfair commercial practices which harm consumers’ economic interests". So let's have a look at a couple of relevant paragraphs:


(1) Unfair commercial practices are prohibited.

(3) A commercial practice is unfair if (b) it materially distorts or is likely to materially distort the economic behaviour of the average consumer with regard to the product.

And then there's this:

(1) A commercial practice is aggressive if, in its factual context, taking account of all of its features and circumstances (a) it significantly impairs or is likely significantly to impair the average consumer’s freedom of choice or conduct in relation to the product concerned through the use of harassment, coercion or undue influence; and (b) it thereby causes or is likely to cause him to take a transactional decision he would not have taken otherwise.

(2) In determining whether a commercial practice uses harassment, coercion or undue influence account shall be taken of (d) any onerous or disproportionate non-contractual barrier imposed by the trader where a consumer wishes to exercise rights under the contract, including rights to terminate a contract or to switch to another product or another trader

Refusing to cancel a contract because you don't exceed your minutes is without doubt a "a non-contractual barrier" - unless you specifically agreed as part of your contract that you would never exceed your minutes?

The changes to the Terms of Service will "impair your freedom of choice or conduct". Let's spell it out again; you don't need to exceed your allocated minutes to qualify for cancellation - all you agreed with Orange when you signed up was what charges you would pay if you did exceed your minutes, nothing further.

The bottom line is this; if you accept the changes, then you'll have to pay three times as much as you originally agreed with Orange for exceeding your allowance, otherwise your only option is to stop using your mobile phone. In other words, for the remainder of your contract you can never use your mobile beyond a fixed point without incurring a financial penalty you never agreed to. That is "likely to materially distort the economic behaviour of the average consumer".

Throw in the fact that according to readers, Orange representatives have told them at various times they must return their handset in order to cancel, they can only cancel if they receive a text, that they should seek legal representation - according to these regulations, Orange are acting unfairly, they have misled consumers and employed aggressive commercial practises.


  • Pingu
    Firstly, Thanks for all your hard work on this. It's much appreciated by me, and I suspect many others. I sent a cannabalised version of Lewis' letter (with a lot of additions related to my particular dealings with Orange) to the same address Lewis used, CC'ing the Guardian Money Page. I have just resent that email to Tom Alexander at Orange. Having spoken to Orange about my right to phone whomever I want for the same price as I had agreed when I first signed up, on two seperate occasions they have said, that now I am aware of the changes I can choose to use alternative methods to phone the numbers that would be effected, hence me not being affected by the changes !!, great, so I can NOT use my mobile, hence the charges won't be detrimental.
  • Pingu
    Ass an addition to the above, I meant to thank Lewis for the letter. Apologies.
  • redman
    Again thanks for taking the time to help everyone out. Does anyone have any email addresses that we can contact to directly or is everyone contacting through the orange website?
  • Paul S.
    Just putting them into the article now, Redman :)
  • redman
    cheers, you also might want to have a dig at the fact that tom alexander's goal is to make orange the most loved network, if you can use that to your advantage.
  • deejayone
    I have to say well done and congratulations to Bitter Wallet for taking up the cause on this one. To my mind Orange are being totally unfair to customers and are bordering on illegal commercial practices, as pointed out in this article. The worst being the way that Orange are treating people - numerous comments from people about the way they are being dealt with and spoken to, and the lack of knowledge and squirming and wriggling out of the issue where possible are in my opinion an sad indictment of the way Orange are prepared to treat people. There is trying to retain customers and then there is rudeness, ridiculousness and ill-treatment of customers to force them into staying (and how many of those customers are going to stay on beyond their contracts?!). Bitter Wallet - the new consumer champions. Who needs Watchdog (by the way, does anyone else think that Orange have conveniently timed this whole episode whilst Watchdog is off the air?). Perhaps we now need a Twitter hashtag and to start Tweeting our experiences - can I suggest #badorange ???
  • Jon
    i called up about my mums contract that my sister uses. this was saturday. her bills are meant to be £18 a month but are always between 22 and 30. so i thought yes shes gone over her minutes so we can get her cancelled or a better deal. anyway, turns out she was texting abroad, doh! lol, but also (my sister was oblivious to this) there was a traffic tv subscription costing £4 a month! told thme to get rid of that asap. anyway for the hassle they gave her an extra 50 minutes. but she is good at staying in her minutes, but no more texting/calling abroad haha. but yeh look out for these hidding subscriptions! only appeared on the bill as 'extra charges' which i assumed were call charges!
  • Paul
    I spoke to orange twice and both times they were polite and stated I was within my rights to cancel my contract, offered me double minutes and £5 off my bill each month to stay with them so I agreed (contract runs out in january anyway!) no complaints from me :)
  • Mike U.
    I hate Orange screwed me for 2k because someone stole me Pay A s You use simwithout my knowledge that I had'nt used in 6 months and made calls abroad They 'noticed' the activity but did not thnk it was strange to let me know Who the fuck dials abroad at £1 a minute Only noticed when the 35 page ( I kid you not) phone bill came in the post Postie could not even get it throuhg the letterbox
  • Steve
    Pingu - "now I am aware of the changes I can choose to use alternative methods to phone the numbers that would be effected, hence me not being affected by the changes !!, great, so I can NOT use my mobile, hence the charges won’t be detrimental." I just had the same crap quoted to me. Oh well, giving it 5 mins then trying again :) Soon approaching 20+ Attempts since friday.
  • Esther82
    Thanks for all the help. I spoke to two very patronising people at Orange yesterday who wouldn't listen to a word I said and advised me to take legal action, humph! I have used the template and will let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed!
  • Cara
    Spoken to orange 4 times now. The first 3 explained that as soon as I received the text I could cancel, since the 3rd girl was exceptionally nice I calmly waited for the text! Got the text on Saturday morning and called this morning and told them i had the text therefore wanted to cancel. Got the usual "you dont go over your minutes... etc etc" So told him if he could show me where in the contract it refers to average use affecting your rights to cancel i would accept it, to which he said he would go find it and phone me back (yeah right!) Then spoke to Ofcom who SUPPORT ORANGE stating that as i cant prove the charges will cause material detriment they are within their rights not to let me cancel, even tho their own conditions dont refer to average use???????????????????????????????????????
  • Joff
    I'm torn. I love this kind of consumer action against big bad corporations, but I also get on ok with my Orange account. I've been with them a while and my tariff's quite nice.
  • David
    All extremely helpful from everyone. Can anyone answer this simple question: I haven't received a text regarding the charges even though I have been with orange since march. I feel that orange probably won't send anymore out but at the same time I make a lot of 08 calls and if the charges are to affect me is there actually any need for the text to start cancellation procedures??
  • Paul S.
    Hi David, have a shufty at our earlier troubleshooting guide, but the answer is no - there isn't any reason why you need to receive this text to be eligible. Orange's own Terms of Service say you can be informed in a number of ways including directly. So phone them up, and ask them to explain the changes - then consider yourself informed.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Quote "Then spoke to Ofcom who SUPPORT ORANGE stating that as i cant prove the charges will cause material detriment they are within their rights not to let me cancel, even tho their own conditions dont refer to average use???????????????????????????????????????" Typical toothless Ofcom... don't want to get off their arses and do any work... they're too busy playing with their new phones that they got given free from the mobile networks (allegedly)
  • Katie
    Just called, told them i heard from a friend and regulary exceed my minutes and they cancelled it straight away, excellent thanks for the advice :) x
  • James C.
    have many pple frowarded Lewis letter? ive bin an orange customer for years and find it abhorrent that they get to choose what will be detrimental to me
  • James C.
    Can anyone tell me what cisas is? and how long was it b4 they responded to Lewis?
  • Michael
    I've sent the letter and emailed it to both addresses above. Phoned orange and got the same response that i wasn't going over my minutes ect. Checked my last bill date and i am now planning to use all my minutes for the month which the bill date is 17th of august! I will then phone up and ask again, Hopefully then will check my last 3 bills and see that i have gone over my minutes on my last bill and have to dissconnect me Anyone else think this will work?
  • TV's B.
    I absolutely love a good fight against the big corp, but sadly I'm on Vodafone. However,as a former long term Orange customer, I wish all of you all the luck in the world. The only sad thing about this, is after Orange is brought to its knees, I hope we don't see contracts changed to basically say "We'll do what we like, and you can't cancel". Good luck all!
  • TV's B.
    Also any chance I can be taken off the moderate-first list now I've stopped calling people cunts?
  • Jamey
    This post/comment is rather long so I'm hoping it will all show up without getting cut off halfway. First and foremost I'd like to say a big thank you to Bitterwallet (and Paul) for bringing this to my attention and helping me out with the right things to say to Orange. Secondly, here's my full story (apologies for length) in the hope it might help others and add to the information already out there. Last week (Thursday 6th/Friday 7th August 2009) I became aware of this whole thing through reading Bitterwallet and decided I wanted to cancel so I called Orange disconnections. I was told that because I hadn't received the text I could not yet cancel. I ended up taking this call to a supervisor but they were firm and said they would not cancel if I hadn't received a text - but they said as soon as I had the text I could call and cancel. I continued trying and asked "if I get confirmation over the phone, will that be enough to cancel?" The guy was very cagey but eventually I got an answer and he indicated that it would be enough. So I asked him "will this affect me?" and he said he couldn't tell me because it wasn't on his system. I asked who would be able to inform me and he directed me towards customer services (different dept, apparently). I called Orange customer services and after the usual "this won't affect you because you don't go over your minutes" I finally got confirmation from the lady. I specifically had to ask "Am I exempt from these new charges?" which forced her to say no as she knew full well I wouldn't be exempt from them and would be opening a can of worms if she said I was. I promptly called back the disconnections dept. This time the first chap (Anthony - number 48461) I spoke to was massively rude, sarcastic and unpleasant... "Oh, that's a legal fact, is it? Lawyer are you? We get geniuses like you all the time, I'll just go and check..." "Nope, you haven't had the text so you can't cancel." he said, and then took great joy in talking over every single sentence I uttered. I kept asking to speak to a supervisor with him repeatedly talking over me. I think on about the fifth time he finally put me back on hold and I got through to his supervisor. The supervisor was more polite but equally firm about me needing to receive the text before they could cancel. I tried for ages (this was by far the longest phone call of the day) to argue that me being informed over the phone counts as legally being informed but he wouldn't budge and used the staggering texts excuse. The one piece of information I got out of him was that I was due to receive 'the' text today (Monday 10th August). At around this time I saw the updated post on Bitterwallet saying that staggering texts 'may be' a legitimate tactic so I decided to wait until I had the text. Fast forward to today and I saw more updates here stating that Orange are preventing people from cancelling if they don't go over. So I went to the 'your account' section of their website and downloaded my last six bills (to be on the safe side) and noted down the amounts for each one, together with the durations of non-inclusive called and specifically noting the date and time of every 08 number I had called. Then I called Ofcom to complain, got a reference number and called Orange's Executive Team (Ofcom guy gave me their number). The Ofcom guy was a bit flippant on the phone tbh but the woman I spoke to on Orange's Exec Team (Jamie, she was called) was very nice, although she couldn't do anything apart from confirm I was going to receive the text today. She also said if I had called any 08 numbers I *should* be eligible (she didn't have my information on screen so wouldn't confirm) and she told me that if I called disconnections after getting the text and they couldn't see confirmation of me receiving it to call her back tomorrow and she'd let them know I'd had the text through. By this point there had been more updates on Bitterwallet advising people to put everything in writing so I did just that - to two email addresses and three 'real' addresses by recorded delivery. All of that was this morning. This afternoon the text came through. I gave it 10 minutes and called disconnections. Another rude CSR, this time a woman, took the call. She 'went away to check' and came back saying because I didn't make more than five 08 calls per month I wasn't eligible. I said I used my phone for business and one of my clients had just set up new 0845 call centres so my usage would be going up, I backed this up with increasing numbers of non-inclusive calls over my last three bills. She wouldn't budge. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told "a supervisor will not take this call as they can only do the same as us." I said "so there's no way for me to escalate this at all?" and she said no. I pushed a bit more with a few "really? Absolutely no way to escalate this further at all?" questions and finally she gave me the address for the complaints dept and said I'd have to complain in writing. I finished the call and called the Exec team straight back, asking to speak to Jamie, who'd been nice to me earlier. She'd finished work so I talked to the chap that took the call, he said he'd put me back through to disconnections for the to re-assess and he said if I wasn't happy a supervisor would then take the call. Transferred to disconnections and a bloke answered, he said nothing about needing to make five 08 calls per month to qualify, just that I need to make some and he went to 'check' my account. When he came back he said that because I didn't go over my minutes regularly I couldn't cancel over the phone but I could still cancel if I put it in writing to the complaints dept. I asked a few more questions, tried a bit more and finally asked him "what's the difference between calling you and putting it in writing to the complaints dept? How come I can cancel one way but not the other?" He went away to do another check and this time when he came back he said "right, you can cancel today, it's a good job I checked for you, eh?" So I've requested a PAC which should be with me in five days and he's cancelled my contract. I asked for confirmation of my contract being cancelled in writing and he said I'll get it. I asked how long it would take but he wasn't sure. My three recorded delivery letters will land on Orange's doormats tomorrow morning. Even though I've now cancelled I did make a specific complaint about Anthony's telephone manner which will hopefully be investigated. I'd urge anyone else who has been on the receiving end of the rudeness to do the same. Hope this helps someone. Jamey
  • Simon
    Quick question - are ANY Orange customers exempt from these new charges? I've not had a text, but have been a customer for 9 years and am on a standard tariff. What gives?
  • Jamey
    Oh, one thing to add... In my second-to-last call to disconnectiones (with the rude female CSR) towards the end I had resigned myself to the fact that this particular person wasn't going to cancel my contract so I finished off by asking her to put a note on my account stating that I formally rejected the changes to the contract. She wouldn't do it... "I'm not going to put that" she said. "Read what you've put back to me, please." I said. "Customer called up to disconnect but was told he wasn't eligible." I asked her again to put that I did not accept the new charges and again she refused. After a few more tries (with me changing the wording ever so slightly each time) she finally agreed to add "customer does not accept new charges but has been told he is still under contract." Whether she did actually add it or not I have no idea and no longer care unless any problems arise with my disconnection.
  • lee
    Whey!!!!!!!!! Finally - Just got disconnected literally 5 mins ago! I read through Lewis's letter - edited it...added more legal 'stuff'... emailed them... then called up - basically read the letter out to them for 20 mins.... it worked.. Kept trying to argue with me - but be persistant and stand your ground! Thanks for the other tips chaps :)
  • Chris
    Thank you very much to everyone who has helped and inputted on this.. Armed with the newfund info in the above article, i phoned Orange at the CEO office for the 4th time today to cancel. Without a fuss, the gentlenman spoke to the disconnections department, and confirmed that the Legal team has just issued new criteria about who can cancel and who cant, and i matched it. I'll be disconnected tommorrow, and receive a PAC code in 3-5 days. Excellent, thanks guys
  • deejayone
    "the Legal team has just issued new criteria about who can cancel and who cant". Hmmmmmm. Basically, they've run themselves into a corner and realised they were wrong. Let's see...
  • James C.
    does it say what the new criteria are?
  • Matt
    Wow, I was expecting more hassle from Orange. I just called CS and spoke to some lively bloke, I asked if the new pricing coming in soon will affect everyone including myself (i dont have the txt msg yet). He said yes, so I said that this will affect me as I use some 08 numbers occasionally. I then explained that I wanted to cancel my contract, then I read out the 4.3 paragraph to him. He went away for a couple of mins to speak to someone in disconnections, came back and said yeah thats fine I'll put you through. The other bloke asked if i wanted the PAC number (which would cost me another months bill) or just to cancel the lot. I chose the latter, and it'll be disconnected at midnight tonight :)
  • gh1990
    I just spoke to customer services through 150 and was told that i am still not eligible. The main reason for ringing was that a member of staff was meant to return a call whom i spoke to on Friday and hasn't. She said that neither her or her manager was able to cancel a contract. I asked her to place on my notepad that i formally reject the new terms and conditions which she said she was unable to do. She just suggested going through Ofcom who she had said had already been in contact with Orange and told them they were fine with what they were doing. I told her i was already taking the matter up with Ofcom and Orange were investigating. I challenged her about the 3 month average rule and asked her where in the terms and conditions i agreed to that and she couldn't give me an answer. I then challenged her about future use and how i may exceed my contract and she just said it wont affect you. Its like a broken record now. Lies and excuses.
  • Natt W.
    still not getting anywhere over the phone, going to send the emails tonight and letters in the morning, the sheer arogance and tone of some of the oporators is disgusting.
  • Greg C.
    Right, just successfully cancelled my Mrs' contract. Much help from this site! thanks to everyone. Essentially she got the text on the 5th, called up yesterday so we could go into town and get new phone immediately. Got told by one woman she'd pass us to retentions to see what they could do, they offered her a deal, politely declined. She went to check if my Mrs' was eligible. Confirmed, we are all good to cancel. (both CSRs very polite) Got passed to disconnections, some bloke kept talking over her, interrupting her, stating it wasnt in the TnCs she could cancel etc. ended without joy telling us its be £175 disconnection (12 months into 18 month contract) or take legal advice and call ofcom. Went to the orange shop to get their take. They agreed with us (albeit in view of getting her to re sign up ;)) but couldnt do anything but provide us with a copy of the TnCs (bloody hard to read!) I spoke to Ofcom on behalf of my Mrs this morning, bloke there gave me the exact wording of 9.3 so I could quote it if needed and gave me the magical exec number. She called tonight, got through in under a couple of mins (pleasant surprise) spoke to a rep there, very polite and courteous, happy to speak to me. I advised him exactly what ofcom had told me that by refusing to cancel due to the price increase they were breach of 9.3. He wasnt fully aware of the wording but took my word at face value took the ref and called disconnection. Spoke to disconnection on our behalf first (he offered to not asked for) and got put through to again, a very polite gent. He explained that since yesterday they had yet another briefing telling them of certain criteria etc however my mrs had to speak to him and she switched off so I dont know what they have now been told, sorry. He offered her a new deal, politely declined, then cancelled it no issues, being disconnected tonight. Asked for PAC code but he said would take 30 days where you have to pay for rental and if new provider hasnt sorted it have to pay for another 30 days. We werent too bothered about it though so its no biggie, I dont know the ins and outs of PAC codes. If we were to cancel it today midnight/tomorro its immediate. Dunno what other peoples experiences are tonight. One thing that they did tell me at ofcom if that 9.3 only applied if it will increase your bill by 10% or more. Now I know its the first minute of the call has increased by 200% odd.... BUT it wouldnt be anywhere nearing increasing your bill but 10% on its own. on a £40 per month contract youd have to call 40 08xx numbers or go over your limit by 40mins.... I can imagine them trying to use this as their get out clause. Not that I support oranges approach to this in the slightest but I do believe that good customer service which I did receive should be applauded as much as the poor complained about so Im sending an e-mail to feedback to the 2 guys I spoke to tonight.
  • Greg C.
    to add to my above post, I get a feeling you may just need to speak to Ofcom first, get a ref then call the exec number. They really didnt ask for much at all, they just asked where Ofcom had said they may be in breach, I just quoted the 9.3, no wording or anything. This site is giving more than enough info if cancelling is as easy as mine was (however I fully appreciate the fact that every CSR has been told something different and has an awful attitude)
  • gh1990
    Just recieved this text: In reply with your call today your contract will disconnect on 11/08/09 due to the new tariff changes you will recieve final bill within 30 days thanks.
  • Becca
    I have been on the phone all day! Have ofcom number and have quoted all the relevent info and still no joy!
  • Cookie
    I started ringing midday Saturday and had 3 very unsuccessful, long, phonecalls with customer service representatives and supervisors. Today I followed the route posted above and rang OFCOM, then armed with ref number from OFCOM I rang Orange. Very nice lady said I was eligible for disconnection but had to put me through to retentions. Retentions went through my bill and said I was eligible (even though on Saturday I was told I wasn't?!?!) I was granted disconnection. My Boyfriend wasn't so lucky, we went down the same route but he met a brick wall. Fast forward to this evening. I phoned Orange up, again, armed with the news that OFCOM weren't endorsing their crappy policies. Anyway, long story very very short. They asked why I wanted to leave, told them, They asked if they could do anything to stay, said no. They disconnected. There seems to be very little rhyme or reason to their methodology and it does seem to be the luck of the draw rgarding who you speak to? Good Luck
  • Dm
    does anyone know when all the texts will be sent by?
  • Sam
    just tried again, spoke to a woman called Leanne, got her to check with her manager about the meeting this afternoon, she put me on hold and I wasn't at all hopefull as I had a big ding dong with a right arogant git earlier, but I GOT CANCELED!!!!! as of midnight tonight Orange no more. WAHAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! (can you tell I'm pleased?) lol thank you so much OP, I lurves ya xxxxxxxx
  • redman
    i feel like banging my head against a brick wall... better yet, an orange csr! they just won't cancel my contract and i am trying my best to argue it, just keep getting the usage b.s. and the address to write to. someone please help :)
  • Greg C.
    redman, as above, go through ofcom, I think unless you do this they will keep fobbing you off. Probably need to show you are serious about cancelling by getting your ofcom reference
  • redman
    thanks greg :) when i spoke to ofcom i didnt quite comprehend what the chap was saying, he said i had to speak to cisas and gave me a reference number. is this the reference number you are saying to give to a csr? thanks in advance
  • Northerngeezer
    Just had a phone call back from Steve from the CEO department who said that he was putting me through to someone in the retentions department who will explain the situation to me. "Oh no" here we go again I thought but to my surprise a guy called Lee just simply explained that he was terminating my contract as of tomorrow and gave me a cancellation reference No. He couldn't believe how many times I'd been knocked back. Thanks to everyone on this thread and the guys over on MSE
  • Mark P.
    No text here, but not surprised - always within my minutes and texts... has anyone that hasn't had the text been able to cancel?
  • greg
    redman, I got told by Ofcom that I need to ring oranges exec office (an 0800 number) and quiote the ref I was given, started 112xxxxxxxx iirc. He said that if I still got no joy to get their refusal to cancel in writing and to close my complaint as only once you have exhausted Oranges internal complaints procedure can the Ombudsman (CIFAS) look into to for you. Heard from a guy at work that Orange did have a breifing yesterday that have said ALL pay monthly customers are eligible to cancel but this is only hearsay through work. Apparently they HAVE had a btreif as confirmed over phone but not 100% what its regarding
  • Mark B.
    Hi All, Can someone confirm that 08457 numbers are included in this price increase? I have so far been told "this will not affect you". In the past - although not in the past 3 months i have had to call my bank, which is an 08457 number and this has cost me and if included in the increase, will cost me even more going forward. I also had to call my bank yesterday too, if this number is included in the increase, will this count towards my argument for having my contract cancelled? Thanks all
  • steph
    ive all but given up trying to cancel mine. they've exhausted me the past day and a half. i'm sure they have it on file not to cancel my account cos yesterday i tried failed probably over 10 times, tried once more this morning and got told that ''i've already been told i can't cancel it'' thanks alot orange you think i dont kno that? ha. it's quite funny how they're breaching my contract yet im getting peanalised into staying with them because they are going under from loosing all these customers, i'm sure if it was the other way round and i was breaching it by not paying they wouldn't hesitate to cut me off!! my last attempt is what is said at the top of the page. i've emailed the 2 address and tailored the email template to myself and printed off a written copy to send via the post. does anyone have the complaints address for me to send a copy into them aswell..or is it just the customer service correspondance team address? cheers
  • steph
    yes the 0845 number is included its all premium rate numbers, ive called them in the past just not in the last 3months so they are unwiling to look further back they're adamant it has to of been in the last 3months..someone please tell me where it says that in my contract??
  • James C.
    they have now told me i can cancel but is it worth it
  • James C.
    now they have changed their minds n sai cnt all i can have is a 20 goodwill voucher
  • James C.
    phoned the exec number and they over ruled the retenition team
  • redman
    just so i can have it clear... is the eligibility nonsense actually nonsense? lol. they keep saying i am ineligible and "i am not prepared to disconnect you". I am really struggling here :(
  • Paul S.
    Hello all, We've spent the day quietly sifting through regulations - there's a new post on the front page of the site to have a read through. We'll also be posting a guide tomorrow, for those of you who haven't cancelled and want to take further action. P
  • Philly
    Hi all Thank you to you all for your advice. I've succeeded in getting my PAC number today. I managed based on the number of 08 numbers I called last month. I recommend going through your bills from the last few months with a fine tooth comb and hope you can find enough 08 numbers. I also called ofcom and got through to the orange exec office with a reference number. They seemed far more sensible and helpful. Good luck to everyone else.
    hi all please advice me i was offered by orangeiphone + 600 min plus additional 400 min and unlimited landline on iphone which they sent me an email confirming that.but later they felt that it was mistake at thier end and started to charge me for land line and any min above 600.after complaing so many times they agreed to give me free landline.but again after seeing my bill i got to know that they have given me 600 free min and free landline but no 400 additional min.i spoke to them they refuse to do any thing when i asked them to cancel my contract they refused.please advice me if i have written email from them for the contract i was offered can they deny or am i able to cancel my contract.

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