Can you bend the new Samsung phones?

Can you bend the new Samsung phones? The short answer is, 'of course you can't - that'd be stupid'. How do we know this? Well, Samsung have made a video addressing the claims that you can bend the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones.

The video features a 3-point bend test for the phones, with the handsets being put through 80 pounds of force, which is enough to break a whopping FIVE pencils. That said, we probably couldn't snap five pencils without the aid of machinery. Either way, the test is considered to be in advance of the most extreme use that a phone will go through.

And, as the video beow shows, Samsung dismissing claims about their bendy phones.

Amusingly, the video begins with a disclaimer that says the test has not been produced to satisfy the 'sadistic desires' that people have by wanting to break up phones.

If you want to see a new Samsung smashed to smithereens, then you'll have to buy one and a claw hammer and get to work.

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