Camera phones - how does your handset compare?

Some folks use mobile phones to make telephone calls, but they're very much in the minority these days. The rest are too busy playing virtual trombones or brewing coffee to talk to actual people on them. However, the cameraphone is here to stay - who doesn't like taking photos of their thumb while on a hen party, or provide photographic evidence of a night of yankee doodle?

So if the camera is an all-important aspect of your phone, which do you go for? Author Victor Keegan has been testing a range of cameraphones for the last three years, by taking a photo of the same location with different handsets. So far, it's been Nokia's N73 that has impressed Keegan most - the 3.2 megapixels Carl Zeiss lens making for a crisp shot - while the Samsung M8800's 8 megapixel of might  showed no obvious advantage over lesser models.

Keegan has collected the results (which haven't been conducted in a rigorous scientfic method, it must be said) on his Flickr page, if you're thinking of a new handset and want to compare and contrast. Contrast - that's a photography joke. Guffaw.


  • Joff
    No iPhone sample?
  • Chris H.
    kind of falls down when the comparisons aren't of the same subject in the same lighting conditions - but its still a handy reference. Personally I think you can absolutely see a difference between the M8800’s photo and the others when viewed at 'original' size.
  • Chris
    hrmm not sure if I agree with the n73 being the best. I've had that and the n95 and can definitely say that the n95 is much better. @Joff the iphone has a fixed focus 2 megapixel camera. It doesn't compare the most of the phones out there including the almost 3 year old n73

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