Cable that charges both Apple and Android devices

LMcable It is annoying that Android and Apple smartphones and tablets require different charging cables - if we had a universal one, that means you'd never get caught short if you were 'round someone's house when your battery starts dying.

Apple of course, needs a Lightning cable, while Android phones need a microUSB cable.

However, some clever people have come up with one that charges both, called the LM Cable. They say that it is the world's first cable which contains a 2-in-1 connector that works on both micro USB and lightning devices.

This handy thing comes with Lightning port pins on one side, and on the other side, has the microUSB pins. On the end, is the usual USB male connector.

It looks pretty fancy too, as the cable is wrapped in leather and comes with a buckle so you can keep it tied up and neat. Oh, you can get it in brown, black, white, or blue, depending on what colour schemes you're into.

If is via a Kickstarter, so all the information you need, and some you don't, can be found at the LM Cable KS page. Click here to see it.


  • Dave
    I'll get the chinese rip off from eBay in 6 months time for a quid.
  • Esarty
    I've been getting these from Amazon for a while Lightning and micro USB in the same cable - and a reversible USB at the other end so you never put it in the wrong way round.
  • Jessie J.
    The cable is wrapped in denim and looks like its for hipster fucktards. China have been making 'multi' cables for ages. Yes they may melt your phone and burn your house down but their cheap!! Wear my hat low.
  • Pie M.
    Yep, as has already been said this is very old news. Meanwhile, you can simply avoid the problem of being an iTard by just buying one of the 99.9% of smartphones available that uses a common-or-garden micro USB lead.
  • Budda
    I use a three headed multi cable I bought from Wilkos for about £3 - no fires, yet.
  • Clive
    I've been using a three way cable from primark for over a year. Cost me £1.50. Has mini usb, lightning and old apple connector. How is this new (or news!)?

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