BT's new SmartTalk means you can take your landline anywhere

BT have got their knockers, but their new app could be an enormous boon for their customers (if they’ve got any left).

It’s called BT SmartTalk and allows you to access landline prices while you’re out of the house or even abroad. All you need to do is install the (iOS and Android) app, register your BT account on it and off you go – start chatting!

Apparently it works with wi-fi and/or 3G, giving you the chance to use it abroad, preferably if you’re on a wi-fi connection that you’re not paying as you go for.

In a nutshell, it’s your BT home phone package, stuffed inside your mobile and taken with you wherever you go. Of course, apps like Viber already allow you to make voice calls while you’re using your mobile online, but you can only use that to chat to other Viber users.

There’s more about SmartTalk here…


  • Joe
    Oh joy, I can use inclusive minutes on my mobile! You know, like the ones that come on my mobile already without having to use an app! And it means I can experience more of the great, reliable and cost-efficient service provided by BT, only not just at home! I'll pass, thanks. I'd rather stick a pickaxe down my jap's eye and twist it than use BT again.
  • Slinkton
    To be fair it's pretty awesome if you are abroad and have a wi-fi connection.
  • Andrew
    Or maybe if you want to call 0800 numbers....
  • Andy M.
    I second the comments above. Mobile minutes do not include 0800 or calling home from abroad. Given its a free app, looks great to me!!
  • Mike M.
    Badgers are the new foxes.
  • Jamie
    Most folk with half a brain are on Skype and just Skype to Skype when abroad.
  • Avon B.
    @ Jamie What about people with a whole brain?
  • whatsit t.
    How stupid. It's only good if you have a BT line, if you don't have one you can just use Skype, Vonage, Tango ect... Seeing as the only customers BT have left are either retarded or decrepit I can't see this app being of any use.
  • Chris
    It's a good concept but surely it would eliminate the need for a phone contract and instead everyone would just be using data contracts? Shame I no longer use BT but iMessage and skype still work fine for me.
  • Andy A.
    the only reason i am with BT as I have to have an ADSL phone line and pay them line rental
  • Al
    @Andy Andy - You need a phone line for ADSL but it can be from a company who resells BT lines (Post Office, Primus, TalkTalk etc). You can get a Primus line for £6.99 a month and keep your ADSL. The standard BT cost is over £15 a month.
  • Phuck Y.
    Where do I plug it in again? And this slinky cord really does my head in, but I look feckin' cool goin 'old-skool on da bus, innit!

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