BT to tackle nuisance calls... TalkTalk's ears start burning

Gretcyh_Lady_Gaga_Telephone BT have announced that they're going to eradicate nuisance calls! They think this is something of a breakthrough, after they managed to create intelligent blacklists that should sort all this out. The company's analysts are now using their brains and computers, and are able spot nuisance callers with greater accuracy than ever before.

British Telecom are going to draw up their own list, and then allow customers to put their own in too. Individual numbers can be entered, as well as types of number such as international numbers and withheld numbers.

They reckon this will block up to 25 million phone calls per week. This is all very promising, isn't it? Is it also making the cynic in you kick in? We're awaiting a system where some companies can pay BT to be allowed through the net.

Anyway, through all this, TalkTalk's ears pricked up, and they started coughing loudly in the background; "coughcoughwealreadydothiscough".

They sent a statement to BW towers, saying: "TalkTalk has already been blocking nuisance and scam calls for over two years, during which time we have been the only provider to offer this service for free. We now block 70 million unwanted calls a month from reaching TalkTalk homes, which is double the amount we blocked last year."

"We’re pleased to see other providers follow our lead in taking a stand against nuisance calls. But this is an urgent problem, which can only be tackled if government mandates all telecoms providers to offer free call blocking."



  • Mike
    TalkTalk there. Making almost as many nuisance calls as they block.
  • Cal H.
    Yeah, TalkTalk already block nuisance callers, all 10 of them
  • A
    I wonder whether this system will block the nuisance BT broadband calls I receive?
  • Father J.
    Fuck BT and Talk Talk, buy a CPR callblocker and get rid of the lot of them. Best £25 I ever spent (apart from coke and hookers obv)

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