BT to slash landline-to-mobile call costs

telephone BT have scored some highly-sought-after Bitterwallet Consumer Brownie Points™ today by lowering the cost of landline-to-mobile calls, with new pricing coming into effect on Saturday.

The telecoms monsters are slashing the prices of daytime landline-to-mobile calls by 13%, from 13p to 11.3p. Meanwhile the evening version of the calls will be coming down from 7p per minute to just 5.3p, a whopping, staggering 24% reduction.

The cuts follow Ofcom’s recent decision to lower mobile termination rates, the costs that mobile networks charge other landline and mobile providers for receiving calls on their network. We now wait with baited eyes to see if the other landline call providers follow BT’s lead and reduce their prices as well. After all, there’s some highly-prized Bitterwallet Consumer Brownie Points™ up for grabs....


  • ftw59
    Oh goodie, that should mean trigger Virgin to raise their prices yet again then.
  • Nick T.
    Hmm. I wonder if BT's landline standing charge might be going up soon...
  • Shonk
    Land lines are a thing of the past I wouldnt even have one unless it was rammed down my throat for adsl £11.50 or so line rental 9p to connect 9p a min bargain for the year cheers sky!! My mobile is 500mins 5000 3-3 2gb internet £8 If i make 1 call a month on my landline its a buisy month
  • dvdj
    Who the hell still uses a landline for my calls? ESPECIALLY to mobiles! Surely landlines exist only to supply homes with adsl? Or to make 08 calls and the mobile operators pulls your pants down to make.

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