BT to raise call prices

bt-logoBT have said that they're going to increase call charges by 10% and its monthly line rental by 50p from the beginning of October. Most customers will have this confirmed later in the week in a letter that they won't read.

The cost of connecting a call will go up from 9.9 pence to 10.9p. The daytime rate rises from 5.9p to 6.4p a minute. Feel free to download Skype or send someone an Tweet or something if you're outraged by this.

BT reckon that this amounts to an increase of 1p a day because the average customer makes only 80 seconds of daytime in a day. More than half of customers subscribe to inclusive packages, so they won't notice it at all.

It said "calling plans enable customers to avoid the set-up fee and charges for most calls altogether".

From October, BT customers will pay a landline rental charge of £13.29 a month, or £12.04 if they receive their bills by e-mail.

If you want cheaper rates, then this is price increase is designed to get people to sign up to longer-term contracts and special bundled packages.

BT said it would be happy to discuss inclusive packages to reduce bills or different payment options, such as inclusive packages. You'll just have to go on-hold for a million hours first.



  • Palmface
    Yeah, I think I'll be moving my landline to o2 come October.
  • kev
    I thought everyone was on inclusive packages anyway?
  • Reggie W.
    A million hours??? And the rest!
  • fuzzchopz
    It costs under £20 a month for the all inclusive package with line rental included. All they have got to do now is include the pesky 0844 & 0871 numbers that so many companies have switched to because it is a mockery to have 0845 & 0871 for free on the iclusive packages.
  • Michael
    I can understand the need to raise prices, specially given the news that the government is going to stop the broadband tax. That said, anyone in a contract with BT - is there now clause for them to get out? (circa the mobile company contract changes that caused a shit storm a year back?)
  • Alex
    I think this is the motivation for me to fully switch over to SKY. I wonder if it has anything to do with the staff pay rises?
  • Yue
    It's because of their shitty wiring job I have poor internet connectivity. I typed this message 5 minutes ago.
  • dunfyboy
    Michael, this probably does give everyone the right to cancel their contracts, just as the mobile companies putting their prices up did, but you're just as unlikely to actually get them to cancel as many people were getting their mobile contract cancelled.
  • Megamart
    Job advert from BitterWallet: Sub-Editor urgently needed. Duties include preventing stuff like this going out... > send someone an Tweet > average customer makes only 80 seconds of daytime in a day. > then this is price increase is designed >happy to discuss inclusive packages to reduce bills or different payment options, such as inclusive packages.
  • Tim
    I don't have an inclusive package because I make virtually no calls. People call me, but other than that the line is only there for ADSL (which I don't get through BT). I'm not that fussed, but I do wonder if they would have applied the 50p a month rise on top of the "broadband tax" before the new gov axed it? The rise would have happened with or without the tax, just that this way it goes into BT's profits instead.
  • AyePet
    You imply a £1.25/month discount if you go paperless, however I was told that discount was stopped in May
  • Phil
    I moving on Friday - Now stuck on new 12 month contract. At least they did mention this price increase before I signed up. Its annoying as there is no other option than BT. O2/Sky etc just don't seem interested in 'contecting' a line. They'll happily take it over but not connect it. Good to know all the unbundlings working so well.
  • Phil M.
    The 50p broadband tax would not have gone directly to BT or openreich. Companies would of had to bid for the money available, any company could bid for the money. So it's likely you would of seen this rise regardless. It may be linked to BT Vision offering Sky Sports 1&2 below skys wholesale cost price. BT seem quite happy to haemorrhage residential customers these days.
  • Mark H.
    @ Phil 'Its annoying as there is no other option than BT.' You could try Primus saver - they charge £8.99 line rental and will connect a line for £69.
  • novatedlease c.
    Well, as though everything seems to increase their services charges, it is always an annoying news to hear consistent prise hike. I think a lot of us still hopes that there will be constant value at some point. We can not do anything but to hope that this high prises accommodates a very relative service that is bounded by the expectations of the consumers as a return.

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