BT to launch 4G network this week

mobile BT are launching their own 4G service this week, throwing their weight around the mobile world once again. Their plans are to throw a load of aggressively priced deals at everyone in a bid to grab swathes of land back from their rivals.

It looks like BT are going to start trumpeting about everything in the middle of this week, so keep 'em peeled on Wednesday.

It'll be called, very surprisingly, BT Mobile, and will use the EE network after BT got in bed with them last month and, of course, BT are in the process of swallowing EE whole, provided Ofcom are alright with everything.

From what we can tell, to begin with, BT Mobile will only be offering SIMs and will be available to existing BT broadband customers. Presumably, they're waiting for the EE buyout to go through if they're going to offer more. Either way, competitors will be eyeing up BT's pricing plan and reacting accordingly, which could mean that there's a load of bargains on the horizon for everyone.

On the BT/EE deal, that looks like it will be happening before the close of the 2015/16 fiscal year.

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